Response # 6

From: madit magot
Sent: May 10, 2006 8:50 PM

Dear Sir J.Ochang,

Greeting to you in the name of our almighty.

To begin with,i would like to express my wild excitement when i read your article titled "Nuer should not claim fear of neighbours as an excuse not to disarm".

Indeed i was emotionally moved as you aptly pinpoint the facts behind our brothers Nuer weird behaviours before and in the face of "OUR GOD GIVEN PEACE".

Sadly Your sage words will fall into deaf ears or may be digested otherwise.

However,he who has ears and brain among Nuer community will understand that your message is an expression of a true love between brothers.And thus he/she will absorb and put into practice which will eventually lead to the re-birth of Nuer acutely tarnished image for decades.

Actually the Nuer people are extremely complicated as you indicated to the extend that you can not differentiate between an elder,intellectual and illetarate fellow.Because what they all said and do is a sheer Hell without sound reason.

To tell you abit of myself,iam a Dinka Bor and am residing in Australia as a student .Iam one of the victims of Nuer inept massacre aggression in Bor in the year 1991.That war following the deffection of the so called DR.Riek from SPLA

led to the killing of my father and abduction of my mother with my younger sister . My twin brother and i escaped the tragedy because we went to Ethiopia in 1987 .In other word iam one of the LOSTBOYS who spent 16 years without a mother and father until i managed to re-unite with a mother on the 23rd Jan.2003 after she narrowly escaped from 11 years of abduction leaving my sister behind as she was married by her abductee.Belief it or not that is what our so called Nuer brothers inflicted in my vulnerable childhood life .

Therefore,it is always hard for me to hold back shedding tears when i came across a message of peace between Nuer and her neighbours.

By the time i was broken the bad news of my shattered family i almost opted for a suicide and i curse why i was born only to be made orphan by our own brothers.Infact the only cure for the atrocities committed by Nuer in Bor is to accept and make CPA a success by stopping feuds with neighbours.

Lastly i must tell you Ochang that iam proud of your wise words which can drive our community towards our goal .moreover,i wish that such extremely material people like you should speak their minds in public on such sensitive issues to turn our long socially stretched community in to a paradise.


Yours, Madit Magot

Response # 5

From: Sabit Alley
Sent: May 10, 2006 12:41 PM
Subject: Your article on the Nuer

Dear Mr. Ojoch,

I read your article on SPLM-Diaspora forum. It was posted there by one of our comrades. I think that it is a great piece. I wish that our brothers from the Nuer tribe could read and appreciate such views as expressed in your article. The situation of insecurity in Upper Nile is certainly deplorable. The Nuer-Nuer conflict, apart from conflicts with other ethnic groups in the area, will devastate Nuerland and work against development and progress. The Nuer need to come to this realization soon enough and try to work hard to put their house in order.

But, I also think that, instead of blaming the Nuer for their woes, it is important that the rest of us from other areas need to help the Nuer resolve these serious issues. We need to work with them to ensure that they abandon the idea of operating as militia under the control of the mundukuru. The GOSS needs to embrace them and make them feel that they are partners and owners of the the CPA. In other words we need to broaden our inclusivity instead of stigmatizing them as milkitias and NIF operatives. The Nuer are generally good people; they are very patriotic and for this reason it is imperative to work with them to bring them aboard the CPA boat.

Changes are normally difficult to accept especially for people who perceive themselves as "brave warriors". Therefore, for these attitudes to change, a lot of enlightenment and education is required. There is also a need for the Nuer to be exposed to the greater Southern Sudanese family so that they learn a thing or two from other communities. The world is changing very fast and if the Nuer are left to cling to the old ways of clan fights and cattle rusting, they will find themselves left behind, something none of us would want to happen. For I happen to believe that if one part of the South is undeveloped or left behind then the whole of the South is not developed.

There is, therefore, a huge responsibility on the part of the Nuer intellectuals and the rest of us to help the Nuer community come out of this dangerous quagmire. There is urgent need for Nuer-Nuer reconciliation as well as reconciliation between Nuer and other communities within the Region if peace, stability and development is to take place in Nuerland. The multitude of militia groups in the area need to be abandoned and absorbed into the SPLA or other organized forces such as prisons, wildlife and police in the South. These can be made to serve in Nuer Land but some central government authority. This is a difficult task but if there is a will to bring change in that area it can be done; at least for the good of the Nuer as a people and for the South.

By the way are you a Dinka or a Nuer. I am sorry for asking such a politically incorrect question!

Sabit Alley


Response # 4

From: Daniel Garang
Sent: May 10, 2006 3:39 PM
Subject: Congratulation For Great Article

Dear Brother James,

Congratulation for that facts that you "point out" about Nuer and their problems. They like to blame. They are full of GREED for most Nuer alway fight for food that why they are the first and the worst cattle rustlers in the region.

Nuer also blame others tribles in the region, Neither Dinka nor Anyuak people ever attacked Nuer position for food. It will make the Great State of Jongulei safe if Murle and Nuer are disarm first militarily because Nuer and Murle are Lawless people who never go with rules and regulation of public norms or government.

Keep up we are with you for freedom and properity of people of Jongulei to lives peacefully without being victimized by the gang of Nuer Thieves together with Murle.

Daniel Garang

Response # 3

From: Francis Chagai
Sent: May 9, 2006 8:22 PM
Subject: Thanks You So Much for The Article

Dear J, Ochang,
I have no much time to write as much as my brain can think. But just to let you know that we were all glad for the hard work and the truths about the on going situation right now in Nuerland. Beleive me almost half of the population here has agreed with you over the article. I will write again soon. And thanks you so much great cirizen.

With regards Francis C. Bol

Response # 2

From: Jacob Akol
Sent: May 9, 2006 7:44 AM
Subject: Thanks

A very well done opinion on the Nuer. I hope they Take it well and to heart.
Jacob J. Akol (Editor, Gurtong). Click here to stopby!

Response # 1

From: William Dengchang
Sent: May 8, 2006 6:16 AM
Subject: Comments on your article

Dear Ochang,

Your last article on Nuer is not bad. This time round, you have used some wisdom; I hope much of the advice will be taken seriously by Nuer elites.


William Deng Biliutut






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