Response # 2

By Tewtedagn Belew*
Mar 31, 2006


I have read the two commentaries made by Apee and Tesfaye. Quoting Tesfaye, if those wise and tolerant ’ordinary Ethiopians’ said we are cursed, they say it all.

Yeah we are cursed when we refuse inhaling scientific thoughts to reshuffle our political stands.This country was blessed with all nature gifts that humans need, but its people especially the elites aretrying to destroy it by smuggling franchised thoughts in to our country and society.

These ’all-knowing’ elites always come in to their country from their migration not only with their ambition to be rulers and leaders but with some shabby thoughts to restructure everything from scratch as well.

Otherwise, THEY DON’T AGREE.

The current political structure in Ethiopia, has some how created an environ which can enable participation of citizens to claim power at any level in an orderly manner.

This structure might have problems, but it has also round tables to discuss on any kind of issues. This way it has closed any holes which might lead us to any ’radical changes’.

This is evidenced through the 3 elections that took place. Any one can sense the growing of a democratic-seedling in this country where a single seat in a government post or parliament needs bloodshed in its early times.

But now this is not the case peoples Votes have to be meaningful, in empowering their representatives, not only to take seats in the parliament but guaranteeing them municipalities (like Administering Addis Ababa). These achievements were a dream even some 5 years ago (forgetting before 15 yrs)

If a group starts to blame these endeavors, then the problem is somewhere. Anyone can tell that this problem can be neither on the current political leadership nor its arrangement.

That’s why I said, that this country needs oppositions with new political mentality.

To tell the truth most of the opposition leaders have been lived in most developed countries of the world where democratic values are practiced more than any state in the globe. But for the surprise of most people, the way they do politics and leadership is not different from the politicians of the 70-80’s.

Because of the Dergue regime Ethiopians had start to say "Away from politics and electrified wire". They had a reason for this. The time they start shouting for their rights they started to be gun down by hit men from the military government and the then oppositions.

Since then, most Ethiopians ’took a lesson’ to not mess with governments. It’s in such situation the current leading party assumes power after defeating the military government by force.

This time they try to introduce and implement all democratic values to solve the deeply rooted problems of this country by crafting a constitution which is by far the best we ever had and which most international political analysts appreciate.

To mention some of the good features of the constitution, It has addressed boldly about the rights of nations and nationalities. It has stated the free expression of thoughts for any one, It advocates for rule of law and it incorporates all the democratic thoughts a human needs.

Now the next assignment was to have political parties which work according to the constitution. Here comes the problem. Though Ethiopians were seeking such politicians, what we got were people who want to play the old song "Just My Way, otherwise I don’t Agree"

People had started to see the light when they saw their leaders fighting heads and nails in conference halls and round tables. At this time Ethiopians were sure that their country tastes the flavor of democracy that many people of the world are enjoying at every day of their life.

This time was a kind of resurrection for the Ethiopians, who always have problems buried inside them. They start to discuss politics at any level (just form household, colleagues, schools, offices and even in religious places)

Then it is at this time the devil start its show. The opposition leaders start to bluff that they will seeing off members of the ruling party to where they originate from (I don’t know where they mean) and will destroy the constitution and they even start to promise about setting up a transitional government if they won just to help them craft a ’New constitution with their new signature’). This start to happen just a week before the elections, after they saw around 2-3 million people gathering to support them. There are 77 million Ethiopians out there. 2-3 million constituents will be only 3.2% of the population.

This is what makes our near-sited oppositions to disfigure them selves and start to preach violence and instigations. These respected leaders start to lead our people to a wrong direction.

So in my opinion our problem is not what you can predict in any non secular state. It’s is different which needs to be addressed differently. As of me, we need new generation of politicians in the opposition camp which is capable of fixing problems and do tasks remaining from the current leadership.

The current leadership, more than any one else believes that the first reason which can make him stay as a leading crew in the Ethiopian politics is not its well trained military institutions with their hardware. Rather, unlike our previous regimes they strictly believe in winning the majorities’ hearts by addressing the real problems of Ethiopians.

When they address problems, they don’t want to leave anything unturned. Unlike the previous regimes, they don’t waste their time and resources in issues which are not of high priority.

Had the leading party’s prioritizes his post to that of the problems in our country, no any opposition would get a single seat the parliament let alone 200.

In conclusion, Ethiopia needs wise and wide-hearted oppositions who can cope with new version of our politics. We need opposing who didn’t commit suicides leaving a lot of unfulfilled promises.

* Tewtedagn Belew, is writing from Addis Ababa. He can be reached at

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