Response # 4

From: garango ayang
Sent: Jun 11, 2006 1:31 PM
Subject: Your article" the new Sudan vision".

Dear brother Ochang,

My name is Garang Ayang Kuoi. I wanted to say thank you for your article which I came across it today at" the new Sudan vision". It was well writen and well narated. If we all understand and support ourselves in this struggle in away that you have narated the meaning of new Sudan, we can do anything in our capacity to overcome the shadowy system of NIF regime that banish us from our own soil. we must always stand side by side with each another so that we can accomplish either full independent or absolute recognition in case we will not divorce the notorious NIF regime and its system in 011. You almost made me cry based on your own defination of New Sudan. The enemies will read it, and understand it that enough is enough, and it is our turn now to stand up on our two feet and do what can better our own selves.

Thank you

Trully, yours brother, Garang Ayang Kuoi.






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