Response # 5

From: Bor Gatwech
Sent: Jun 11, 2006 1:32 AM
Subject: What is New Sudan Vision?

Dear Ojoch,

I think you made the term  "New Sudan" very colorfull and lively. People can get a bit of this light through your article.

We have to educate our public. People are behind in every aspect of knowledge due to the nature of the old Sudan.

Things are changing and are becoming new as you said. However, New Sudan is still an infant and may grow up or perish in lack of nourishments.

We have to feed this child become mature!

New Sudan as you said can mean any thing out of the old ways of the Sudan. It may mean Sudan completely transformed into a secular, democratic and united or a disintegrated Sudan where everybody goes his or her own way. So New Sudan is an avoidable term now for the people of the Sudan wether they like it or not!

Thank you very much!


Bor Gatwech
Melbourne, Australia 






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