Response # 6

Sent: Jun 12, 2006 4:27 PM
Subject: Re. New Sudan Vision

Dear Mr. Ojoch


I have read your article “What is new Sudan Vision” this is how the Intellectual sound, God bless you with that talent. I wish the majority of people in Southern Sudan were like you. I am telling you, your message is heard and felt by every one who read it. You are a leader and you are the future of that Country. The leaders are chosen because of what they said that benefit the Society. You are a star; and your light will shine brighter to lead the poor innocent people of Southern Sudan. Your words are more powerful than anybody who is holding any position in Sudan.

Dr. John Garang is very proud of you even though is dead. God will always be there for you and poor people of Southern Sudan.

God Bless.

Best Regard






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