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This website is for the members of the Anyuak society to meet, to discuss, and to learn about themselves, and the world around them. It is also where we can express and share our joy and sorrow. This website is not affiliated to any political group. It enlightens the world about the Anyuaks. We provide news, entertainments, and culture via technological information to all members and audiences around the world. It is an information network to bridge the gap between isolated Anyuak’s world and developed world.

The Anyuak [Anyuaa] is an ethnic group found in the South East of the Sudan and the South West of Ethiopia straddling the international borders. The Anyuaks are Luo speaking people. We cordially thank you for visiting our website. Your support is appreciated.  

To Whom It May Concern:

Anyuak Media Website was not formed by an individual nor does any individual own it. If you have concern or feedback, please, kindly address your concerns to the Webmaster. The Anyuak Media is a communication vehicle. It can publish any article which promotes its interest and mission in a positive manner.






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