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Anyuak values and culture
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December 13, 2003, known as “Today is the day of killing Anuaks”, was the day when the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Defense Front (EPRDF) forces and highland Ethiopian settlers deliberately massacred, repressed and mass-raped the Anyuak in Gambella. It is now in history books. It is the day that most of the reports confirmed that over 400 Anyuak men were massacred, and as a result over ten thousand Anyuak fled to Sudan. This deliberate campaign of massacre, repression and mass rape has cost major set back in development in Gambella, especially of the Anyuak community. Read more

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Below images are the recovered material and visual cultures of the Anyuak. Most of material and visual cultures were collected by Evans-Pritchard during his period of fieldwork amongst the Anyuak between early March and May 1935 (E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 1940, The Political System of the Anuak of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, p. 3).

Anyuak basket

Anyuak headrest

Anyuak woman

Anyuak man in courtyard

Anyuak youths

Anyuak headman's homestead

Anyuak woman sweeping compound

Anyuak sacred tree burial

Anyuak mat

Bible in Anyuak

Anyuak Bowl lyre

Anyuak flute

Anyuak skin clothing

Anyuak lamellaphone

Anyuak girls pounding grain

Anyuak girls pounding grain

Anyuak girl pounding grain

Anyuak girl pounding grain

Anyuak woman pounding grain

Anyuak hut building

Anyuak youths and granary

Anyuak youths

Three Anyuak youths

Anyuak Stirrer

Portrait of a youth

Anyuak man smoking water-pipe


Sowing field in Anyuakland

Sowing field in Anyuakland

Sowing field in Anyuakland

Hoeing a field in Anyuakland

Anyuak noble man

Anyuak noble's eating shelter

Anyuak women around fireplace

Anyuak spear-head sheath

Anyuak girl carrying baby

Anyuak youths

Anyuak king with stool and spear-rest

Anyuak royal emblems

Anyuak nobles

Anyuak noble with men

Anyuak noble in homestead

Anyuak noble in homestead

Openo river steam barge

Anyuak children in homestead

Anyuak cup

Anyuak doctor divining

Anyuak woman threshing millet

Anyuakland lake

Weaver nest in Anyuakland

Anyuak youths drumming at dance

Anyuak Knife

Anyuak woman beating millet

Anyuak water pipe

Anyuak trumpet

Anyuak trumpet

Anyuak arm ornament

Anyuak bowl

Anyuak spear

Anyuak man in headdress

Anyuak necklet (dimui)

Anyuak boy

Anyuak woman winnowing

Anyuak young girls

Anyuak man and woman

Anyuak village

Anyuak headman

Anyuak homestead

Anyuak homestead

Anyuak homestead

Anyuak homestead

Anyuak granary

Anyuak woman weaving rope

Anyuak mothers and children

Anyuak granary

View of Anyuak homestead

Anyuak chicken house

Anyuak noble's compound

Anyuak on Openo riverbank

Anyuak hut

Anyuak homestead

Anyuak woman

Anyuak King

Anyuak King

Anuak on Baro riverbank

Anyuak broom

Anyuak men

Anyuak hair dressing

Anyuak mother in homestead

Anyuak fish trap

Anyuak fish trap

Fishing in Sobat river

Anyuak beer strainer

Anyuak piece apron

Anyuak show of respect

Fishing in Baro river

Anyuak woman pot-making

Anyuak Traditional Dance