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Anyuak beer strainer (adhinga)

Date of Photo: March-May 1935 by Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard
Anyuak beer strainer

Small tightly woven basketry beer strainer, consisting of a fairly narrow mouth whose rim has been formed by taking the ends of 64 narrow plant fibre strips, and bending each over at the top to form a loop; the loose ends hang down the inside of the mouth, where they are secured by similar strips woven in and out of the body in two horizontal rows. This object is known as adhinga. Similar types of woven bag are used by numerous other groups to strain beer, including the Acholi, the Lango and the Kakwa (M. Trowell & K.P. Wachsmann, 1953, Tribal Crafts of Uganda, pp 165-6, pl. 39o).