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Anyuak necklet (dimui)

Date Made: Centuries old
Anyuak necklet (Dimui)
The beads in this necklace are called dimui, are 4 in number and both rare and valuable. At the time they were collected, they cost approximately one or two piastres each. They are used as a form of bride wealth and as compensation for injuries. This necklace would have been the bride wealth for one wife. A string of such beads consists of about a hundred beads which a man may have taken some years to collect. These strings are very rare and the beads have a scarcity value which increases with time since they are sometimes lost and can never be replaced, for Anyuak say that their ancestors brought them from their homeland' (E.E. Evans-Pritchard, 1940, The Political System of the Anuak of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, p. 55). This ancestral home lies to the south west; Evans-Pritchard found similar beads on the shores of Lake Victoria, which are now in the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.