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Abyssina grieves for her husband
Above to your left: Abyssina grieves for her husband
Barnabas Gebre-ab, he was the minister of federal affairs for Gambella  in 2003
Above to your right: Barnabas Gebre-ab
In 2003 he was the minister of federal affairs for Gambella.

December 13, 2003 massacres, repression and mass rape has cost major set back in development in Gambella, especially of the Anyuak community. Therefore some thing need to be done for this community.

As we all know, Gambellan are seeking for justice until justice is served, in meanwhile Ethiopian authorities in Addis Ababa have to carry out the following solutions to end the suffering of innocent Gambella for the sake of peace, for the sake of freedom in Gambella:

  1. Peace is here now in Sudan, therefore all Sudanese Nuer have to go back to Sudan to develope their country.
  2. The State militia should be well-trained, armed deployed in border areas teamed up with Federal troops. Introduce a system of population registration to determine who is citizen and who is not
  3. Establish check points along the Ethio-Sudanese border to be manned by members of the communities trained for the purpose of checking unauthorized cross-border movement across international boundaries
  4. Most importantly, initiate development projects along the border designed to enhance the people’s stakes so that they pay all sacrifices to safeguard their interest
  5. Disarm the entire population while at the same time permitting the bearing of personal arms for self-protection.

Some of these points may not be practical in the short to the medium term. But some of them like arming an officially recruited and trained militia to be deployed in the border areas can be done almost immediately. The establishment of federal garrisons in strategic places to support the militia can also be done almost immediately. Most importantly, focusing on development projects that would equally benefit citizens of the state is likely to require considerable planning genuinely involving all stakeholders. But work must start without any further delay. >>>> Read more