Ethiopia: Peaceful demonstration in the city of Bahirdar organized by UDJ and AEUP.

By Obang Metho
Posted to the web on February 24, 2014

February 24, 2014 (WASHINGTON) — Thousands of people gathered in Bahirdar to protest against the ethnic apartheid regime of the TPLF/EPRDF. The inspiring message that comes from seeing masses of great Ethiopian people stand up with courage and in solidarity as they demand freedom and justice after years of repression will find some of that fertile soil, ready for planting, in all regions of Ethiopia.

The rally itself was historic in nature by being very peaceful and I want to give credit to the police and security forces for not interfering in the peaceful demonstration. Though they were present, they treated people with respect. No one was arrested or detained and no one was harmed, harassed or threatened to our knowledge. This is exemplary. 

I give enormous credit to the tens of thousands of great Ethiopians who came out from their homes in the city of Bahirdar to show their support for change. Regardless of what ethnicity, religious views and political viewpoint one might hold, we should all be proud of how well they presented themselves and in doing so, represented all Ethiopians. 

The rally was carried out with great discipline, respect, civility and basic good manners towards others. There was no bloodshed or destruction. From start to finish it was peaceful. It makes Ethiopians a shining example to the world and is evidence once again that we are not people of violence, but people who seek a better future for the country we all share and love. Congratulations to the great people of Bahirdar! I am proud of you all.

Freedom in Ethiopia is in the hands of Ethiopians; not someone else. Freedom will not be delivered on a platter to us with no effort of our own—like foreign aid that has too often built dependency rather than capacity. 

So let all of us Ethiopians prepare ourselves before the peoples’ revolution to oust an ethnic apartheid regime reaches all region of Ethiopia. May God provide the moral strength, wisdom and courage to take the right actions in such a time as this! Long live Ethiopia!


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