Yuai Conference: What an opportunity!

By Isaiah Abraham
Posted 3/8/06

Call for Conference

March 7, 2006 - Let us assume that head chiefs, elders, religious leaders, intellectuals, concerned civil society groups including some big shots from the Government of Southern Sudan are ttending Yuai Conference. Let us further assume that the agenda of that meeting has been what is next after 27/01/06 slaughtered of SPLA soldiers there in Yuai by elements affiliated with breakaway group of SSDF. Subsequently both sides are in the verge of military confrontation. Put it this way; whether that tension could be diffused without any blood shed. The possibility of diffusing this tension that has created itself between the armed individuals who are opposed to disarmament and the disarming agent (SPLA) would be an acid test to the Government of Southern Sudan (GOSS) general and the Government of the Jonglei State in particular.  
 But let me first congratulate Nuer Peace Council (NPC) and other partners headed by the GOSS in this initiative. There is no way our people should be made to believe only about their world around them on the expense of everything else including that of death and destruction. But is everything here about ignorance? No! South Sudan has similar backgrounds and hence they read things independently but objectively. They read consequences before they commit their plan into action. What is happening around Yuai is not entirely out of ignorance but more than that. Therefore the GOSS and other players there must get to the bottom of the problem once and for all.
 Yuai area, not Lou area is on record & spot for the killing of several SPLA soldiers who were innocently asked to oversee the handing in of arms and ammunitions on 27/01/06. They SPLA soldiers died miserably in the hands of their brothers. They don’t know why they are brutally being killed by their own people when at last there is breath of peace in each corner of our country South Sudan. There is no excuse or case to put on the face of this heinous act of fraternity killing! We had enough deaths and destruction and here was time for peace and love. David Garweh Dual must show the way. He has to steer it clear. He has contributed immensely during earlier days of the struggle and should do the same for the good of our people. He must know that the experience shows that the SPLA never bowed down to any armed groups anywhere in the Southern Sudan before. Why did he think that they will do this time round? A mistake! Therefore it will be good for him to avoid SPLA wrath by simply
swallow his pride as a leader and do the necessary.
 My humble appeal is to whoever is interested in this fracas to keep his machination out of this reach and make use of this initiative to asking our brothers who are holding guns in Yuai area to join their neighbors to hand in their guns now without any condition. It will not change them cowards or no men enough. There is no way at this juncture to justify anything. There is no way to convince the Government of Southern Sudan to stop it when it has already been rolling all over South Sudan. Individuals who are refusing to hand in their guns and ammunitions must choose between peace and war. Peace is knocking here and we all desire it for the good of our people. The later should be the last resort but peace is the best. The GOSS flat form for peace is wide enough to accommodate your past, especially the 27/01/06 incident however painful!
 To those who are ever ready to criticize everything associated with SPLA/M, especially in Canada and the United States, it is time to show maturity and sense. SPLM/A is just an organization and will still go but your land will be there forever. Slow down on your rush to conclusions from unscrupulous sources of news coming from Nairobi or Kampala. Live is going to be lost here! It is a sad situation or reality but you have the duty as members of Southern society to preach peace and love not hatred and blackmailing. Most of you are still young and your future is here not in the United States or Northern America. God took you there for a purpose like Biblical Esther and it your responsibility to be part of rebuilding lives and mind not destroy it. War is not any good. Think over and help your people and your land. King of Peace, bring peace!


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