Dr. Kiir, Unity or Separation a Rough Road to Freedom

By Kwathi Ajawin
Posted 3/8/06

Dr. Salva Kiir Mayardit

March 7, 2006 - When it comes to unity or separation, President Salva Kiir makes the point clear that it is up to the people of the South to decide and his sense of duty is to abide and respect the will of the people.  “ My single vote will not change the result of the referendum,” he told a huge crowed at the American University last November in Washington, DC.

Some people think that Dr. Kiir is hiding his separatist propensity by this neutral approach, whereas others support Dr.Kiir that he should focus on the issues now at hand and not to allow himself to be distracted by the issues of unity or separation.  As a good leader, Dr. Kiir must establish the infrastructure and make South Sudan a better place in which to live.  He must tirelessly work to attract foreign investments, create jobs, build the Southern Army, and attract the Diaspora Southern intellectuals to come back home.  We have already seen the relocation of the IDPs and the return of some refugees from the neighboring countries.

Now, a year had passed since the signing of the CPA, but still not yet a year for Dr.Kiir in office, therefore there is little to be evaluated and assessed.  However, within this short period in office he has accomplished a lot and performed wonders.  For example, Dr.Kiir celebrated the CPA first anniversary with Juba Declaration, he managed to put GOSS in place and all the governments of the ten southern States are in place, which is an outstanding achievement and deserves the appreciation with an honoree PhD he has just received from one of the Sudanese Universities.

Dr. Kirr must keep an eye on the implementation of the CPA and sleep with one eye open since he is dealing with a canny thug and dishonest Partner (NCP).   With Dr. Kiir in the command Southern people should rest assured as Dr. Kiir had this to tell the audience in Washington, DC in last November, “ For those of you who called me traitor over the dispute of the oil portfolio, you must know that I fought for 21 years and no reason to betray you now.”  Yes, every car can have a flat- tire, and Dr. kiir is a leader of the people, working for the people.  Peace is slowly but sure, and for those who have been starving, one meal a day is peace.

Whether unity or separation, let us build on the cornerstone (CPA), rally behind president Kiir, cry out to God in an authentic spirituality, and carry out our patriotic responsibility. Of course a lot of issues are at stake, e.g. the slow phase of the CPA implementation, oil’s money, and ABC report.  But Dr. Kiir seems to be relax and on top of the issues.  Congratulations for the honoree PhD and accept it   as a token of appreciation from the Sudanese people. One South Sudan one Salva and Leave no southerner behind

God bless South Sudan!

Kwathi Ajawin is A Sudanese activist and a church leader based in Washington, DC and can be reached at kajawin@aol.com



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