South Sudan: Anyuak Community Warns Against The Usage Of Greater Akobo For Lou Nuer Administrative Area

By Ariik Atekdit
Posted to the web on March 04, 2015


JUBA, 4 March 2015  - The Anyuak Community from Akobo district in Jonglei State have warned the former SPLM-IO Brig Gen. Lul Ruai Koang who recently defected, to stop using Akobo district to represent his vision of establishing a greater Lou Nuer Administrative Area in Jonglei State.

In a press release signed by Mr. Omot Ojulo Okoth, the chairperson of Ciro Anyuak community in Juba, it claimed that Akobo is situated within the territory of Anyuak Kingdom and cannot be used by Lou Nuer to represent their administrative area which will not accommodate Anyuak people.

Akobo town has been claimed by two subsections from both Lou Nuer and Anyuak communities; however, Anyuak people said that any Nuer members found in the area were just settlers who only have occupied the land of Anyuak and are not the historical owners of the land.

Akobo has been claimed by both Mor Lou Nuer and Anyuak Community of Ciro. "In reality, Mor Lou Nuer are settlers, they were hosted by Anyuak to get access to water and grazing land. Akobo belongs to Anyuak and shall remain an Anyuak land forever," stated Ojulo in the press release.

He said that the word 'Akobo' means for them River Akobo that flows from the high land of Ethiopia covering a large area of Anyuak Kingdom that later meets with Pibor River.

"The Akobo Anyuak Community rejects in the strongest term, the use of Greater Akobo as a future 'State/Administrative status' as demanded by the defector rebel, Gen.  Lul Koang Ruai. We, the Akobo Anyuak Community would not expect to become part of the proposed Lul's
demand. Therefore, the concerned individuals should use Greater Lou Nuer area according to the boundary of 1 Jan. 1956 instead of Greater Akobo," Ojul continued.

 Gen. Koang who defected from Machar’s  group and formed a new rebel movement came to Juba a day later and claimed that he should be pushing for the creation of Lou Nuer State that shall be called Greater Akobo Administrative Area similar to that of Greater Pibor under David Yau Yau.

Anyuak Community urged the government never to allow any agreement or formation of the state/administrative area with the name of Akobo.

The territory of Lou Nuer subsection of Nuer ethnic group represents the current Uror, part of Akobo and Nyirol counties in Jonglei state.

The Community applauded Gen. Koang for opting for peace and returning to the government.


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