Anyuak Community Condemns Commissioner’s Remarks

By Jacob A. Jok
Posted to the web on June 29, 2015

BOR, June 28, 2015 –   Last Week, members of the Anyuak Community in Diaspora and from South Sudan refuted allegations labeled against its members by the Commissioner of Akobo County, Timothy Taban Juch. The Akobo Anyuak leaders were responding to the views expressed by Commissioner Juch in which he downplayed the Anyuak Coordination Council grievances as outrageous, unethical, and unacceptable.

They said that commissioner Taban has been cited in several media outlets, claiming that, ‘Akobo Anyuak Communities are illegal committees and with none-Akobo members.

Mebers of the Anyuak community have therefore said that such a declaration made by the County’s Commissioner makes the Anyuak community to require an immediate apology from him to the Akobo Anyuak council worldwide.

They said that Juch’s false accusations against Anyuak elder, Philip Omot Jook, the former Police Inspector of Akobo of rebelling against the Government of South Sudan in his June 2015 meeting with Akobo Anyuak in Bor have been condemned.

“We reject and strongly condemn Juch’s ill intention to incite the oppressed Akobo Anyuak with the Government of South Sudan,” Reads a statement by the Anyuak community.

“Omot Jook has been officially released to go to Akobo as a Chief to enforce the safety and security in Anyuak villages from the un-regulated White Army and SPLA-IO in the region.”

“Juch is misusing his authority to intimidate and tarnish his critics from Akobo Anyuak and bribe or appease individual loyalists at the expense of public interest he was entrusted for, utilizing County Development Funds since its inception.”

Juch was elected as a national Member of Parliament in 2010 during Sudan’s general election and was appointed Akobo County Commissioner in 2014 to replaced Chuol Rambang who rebelled and joined the SPLM-IO.

In June 5th the Anyuak Coordination Council in the Diaspora calls for Commissioner Timothy Taban Juch sacking effective immediately, for allegedly mismanaging Akobo County’s administration. 

The Transitional Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2012 Article 63 (1) (g) stated that Membership of the National Legislative Assembly shall be lost on assumption of any constitutional office in a state or local government level.


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