More than 20 civilians massacred in Akobo county: MP

Posted to the web on November 26, 2015

25 Akobo Anyuak massacred by Nuer Mor in Akobo Town on 10/11/2015

November 23, 2015 (RUMBEK) - At least 25 civilians were massacred in cold blood in South Sudan’s Jonglei state county of Akobo county on Sunday, an area lawmaker said.

“According to reports on ground, the Lou Nuer assisted by rebel groups managed to massacre the few remaining civilians of Anyuak minority group in Akobo town," said Barnabas Okony, a member of parliament from the Anyuak community.

"The main aim of the massacre was to chase away the Anyuak community from Akobo so that they [the Lou Nuer] take the land by force," he added.

Among those killed, he stressed, were men, a young child and the older women in Akobo.

"According to the commanding officer, they ordered all the men and children who are boys to be killed, leaving girls and some of their mothers with the intention of raping, misusing them and sexually harass them", Okony further disclosed.

The lawmaker’s claims could, however, not be independently verified by Sudan Tribune.

Over the years, Akobo county has been awash with reports of human rights violations in the form of sexual harassment and injustices inflicted on civilians by armed elements.

Akobo originally belonged to the Anyuak ethnic communities, but has now been overtaken by Lou Nuer, known for their brutal acts against other tribes in South Sudan.

“The Lou Nuer wanted Akobo for many years and the killings of the innocent Anyuak civilians had been in the process since the 1980s," the MP claimed, but blamed the South Sudanese government for alleged failure to resolve the historical impasses in the county.

“We the minority need to talk by peaceful means because violence is always not the answer to the problem but if that is the case then we shall try that," added the lawmaker.

Jonglei, South Sudan’s largest state, was one of the three regions badly hit by the mid-December outbreak of violence that killed tens of thousands of people in the young nation.


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