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Anyuak Radio online is a new dimension of the website. It is a step forward. This radio dimension is multipurpose. A conference room has been created for interviews, discussions, meetings and drama central to the Anyuak interest conducted in Anyuak language.

This learning and information room has the objective of reaching the grassroots who are excluded from the media by various impediments. This Radio will give a chance to all to participate, contribute and learn as well as to teach others. It is therefore a tool to educate one another and introduction to each other on a wider scale. The interaction yields relaxation and entertainment while widening the horizons and understanding among the Anyuak.

Already the Anyuak Media has broken record by attracting a large audience and recognition by prominent fellows. This new addition will further create a sense of belonging to the Anyuak.

All Anyuak are invited to participate by contributing talent and expertise. It is for both young and old and peers to exchange views. Live activities and broadcasts will be recorded and posted for access. Participation is free. The room is a place for good purpose and unity.

This service will begin slowly on random basis to accelerate in due course.

Those who want to participate in discussions, interviews or drama should contact the lonyogilo@yahoo.com for arrangements. Suggestions are welcome.

Anyuak Media Team.