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Editors Notice:
We are still working hard to resolve the interference problem. We will be back online in the future as stronge as ever been before. In the mean time, we would like to thank our viewers and supporters for all your encouraging phone calls and e-mail messages. We ask that you remain patient and continue with your moral support. Together we will overcome the challenge before us.

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Memorial Program on 12-13-09
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Program on 12-6-09 Click to listen

Program on 11-29-09 Click to listen

Program on 11-15-09 Click to listen

Program on 11-08-09 Click to listen

Program on 11-2-09 Click to listen

Chuna Okok 2009
Awili Simon Mori Didumo
Awili Simon Mori Didumo 2005

The First Anyuak Youth Conference on Apirl 04, 2009