Uuna mth, lwnnu bt redie mara Anywaa ki bt ajp. Kany yie di luup mo teengi teengi ki moa car j dngng ni nk tiet-gi okan.

Luup moa car j dngn ni nak tiet-gi okan!! >>>>>> Read more >>>>>

PrØgraammi mo RedieØ

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Cham Agwa

A group of young men and one brave lady are having a challenging discussion. It is entertaining and intended to teach the audience.    >>>> Click here to listen

Achalla Gora and Rachel Anok
The 2007 December 13 has come and gone. But the messages delivered that day still linger in the minds of the Anyuak people and    >>>>
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Chuna Okok
2009 greetings from kind and mindful individuals from Anyuak community worldwide     >>>>
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