Is Akobo a controversial issue? Let's rewrite its history.

By Madduk Goryang
Oct. 25, 2006


It's long period of boredom from Anyuaki individuals to raise far fetched issues over Akobo land, punctuated by brief moment of terror, I suppose.

This internet surge from amoral and garrulous individuals who wanted to make themselves infamous by putting derogatory and ludicrous allegations full of false acusses over Mor of Lou Nuer has come into my attention after reading some of the articles posted in the web several months a go. but the hypothetical question in my point of view is,, does that sound like an optimal envirnment for development of effective intelligence to call upon someone like EU, AU, or International community over an issue that I believe to have been a war of illusion? since each piece of information I got in these articles are like another tale of deceit or delusion over each other and or a story of betrayal as far as Akobo history and setlement is concern.

Well, Lou Nuer in general and Mor in particular are very friendly and of a peaceful community, but they are being neighboured and surrounded by hostile communities who reflects their Hypocrisies into Lou's.
As far as settlement is concern, Akobo isn't an issue that can  technically be misunderstood. Mor didn't take that land in war, they didn't fight Anyuak for the land, in the actual sense, Mor are not occupiers, they are not migrant, they are not settlers, because if they took that land throught fighting, why are Anyuak still staying with Mor in Akobo today? I mean Anyuak are still residing in places like Wangduar, Buk, Alale, Tiergol and other places that are very close to Akobo?  remember a map is not a territory, if Lou had used violence against Anyuak, I believe all Anyuak's kingdoms would have been obliterated and they would have been driven beyond Addis Ababa or far East in Somalia.....

Historically, prior to a decade in the beginning of 19th. Century  about 1917, Akobo was actually belong to Mor before British emperors came to conquer Sudan. The land was sold to Mor's prominent leaders like Gang Lual and other people by Anyuak purposely to get protection from their neighbouring enemy {Murle} there was no doubt in that agreement. Every body knew it. Loyal Anyuak knew it, British knew that Mor are the owners of the l;and, Sudan government too knew it and all Nuer communities knew it.

When we come to the actual history of the war between Anyuak and Mor as communities today, the war wasn't actually a controversial war, it was initially started by Anyuak people in murdering Mor's, the indigenous of Akobo, killing women and children in Mer, Rine, Dengjock, Burmath, parts of Nyandit and some other places I didn't mention here. this murdering came into attention of Lou community after several incidents and kiling reported.

Early 1970s, a few number of Anyuak tried to come and buy or sell things and this increases the number to about 1700 maximumly including children, by then they keep coming and coming. Chiemankoat  host them Tremendously, they were actually given a chance to settled among Lou's and they got interacted to other subclans, by then if Anyuak wanted to do anything like performing their ritual activities or communal gathering, they had  to ask a permission  from their host in Mer and they are to be given an Ok to go a head with whatever thay wanna do.

Mer was habituated by Chiemankoat led by Wal Dei, Denjock was habituated by Chiendiang with their leaders, Wechthoagang was resided by Gang Lual and his subclan and other places were led by  Mor's other prominet leaders and their subclans including Bielkei itself the curren Akobo

When Anyuak felt that they are becoming more in number,  they  started to murder children and women, killing young men in the riverside. if they are asked, they said it wasn't Anyuak.  Well who did the killing.  But historically Nuer as a community are scrupulous they don't murder people and the question would be, who kills people then? Can any body kills his child? Mor can't murder theemselves therefore It's automatically Anyuak, because when it comes to war, Nuer does't kills women or children though, but unscrupulous deviant Anyuak used to  murdering, killing children, women and looting property.
Another history of influx was when a very small number of Anyuak  who arrived from Nasir in Jikmiir village from Chienyanjiok of jikany Nuer were accomdated to stay in Akobo villages by then Mor's leaders had already decided to realocate Akobo and brought it to the curent site because they have forseen its population growth and development in contrary to the size.

In 1970s Lou and Anyuak relation went significantly and tremendously, marriage become one the aspects that encourage interactions, they were fully given the freedom to live and reign as members of the community. Some of their members was given chance to lead and when Mor seen that there is need for statute to be changed purposely to accommodate them and make them part of the  Akobo community, they were given a seat of county council assistant in order to coordinate and intergrade the anyuak community activities into Mor Community and their taxations and other governmental issues has to come to akobo. Before 1956, those few Anyuak who were in Akobo were belong to Pibor in term of report and taxation because by then Pibor was far bigger than  Akobo administratively and Anyuak were initially from Pochalla which is geographically close to Pibor, so all anyuak report, concensus and taxations goes to pibor where their Headquarters and their administration belongs. But a considerate statute was passed in Akobo that accepted Anyuak and they make them remain in Akobo fully.

Late 1970s when Stephen Ogut from Anyuak community got a high rank and was deployed to serve in Akobo they perceive themsevles to have gotten powers and they tend to murder people every now and then, in Rine and Mer, and when they were asked about a murdering incident reported in Rine Mr. Ogut came to interrogate Mr. Keat Gang and intimidated him at school  as to why Lou said that Anyuak killed people. in the same year, one anyuaki boy was unintendingy killed by his mate at school and this issue brought more tention to Anyuak community,

late 1970s when an Anyuaki person was defeated in the election by Tap kotda, they increases the tention, killed innocent people, in Mer, they firstly spied the place when they realized that all men have gone for a meeting they murdered women and children and ran a way, when the government came to intervene they were asked to bring those criminals who were invloved in the killing but they refused to bring the murderers and that was how ALL ANYUAK start running away from Akobo, then Nuer felt angry wanting to destroy Anyuak kingdoms but Lou Nuer  as a community was advised by H.E Late Gatkuoth Gual, Honourable Thijin Banak, Honourable Tap Kotda ans other people by protecting the Anyuak people who were in Akobo town. because the Sudan government cannot in actual sense be able to protect Anyuak. The other aspect that help a lot was Tap Koda who was their in-law, He married an Anyuaki girl and he played an important role in protecting the Anyuak community but they didn't realized this concern.They thereafter ran away completely from Akobo.

Consequently, If Anyuak hadn't killed chiemankoat in Mer, tention would have gone higher among Mor themselves because other subclans in Mor Community blames Chiemankoat for accomdating Anyuak who are murdering children and women. Therefore, other subclans in Mor believe that Chiemankoat and other Chieyol who are very close to Anyuak were in some ways involved in such atrocities played upon Mor by Anyuak. But later when Chiemankoat’s women and children were badly murdered killed, then every body who was intending to blame them realized that it is Anyuak who are the trouble makers.

Not a couple of years after the war when Mor wanted to discuss about this issue Anyuak had already ran away and there was no time. Then in this period no body who is trying to think about talking on this issue because all people rebelled agaist the Sudan government and joint the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. All people had to focus on the issue between South and the North rather than Akobo but then if people hadn't gone to the Bush, Bar {Anyuak} as a community does't like this problem to be solve between them and Mor because Anyuak are known for their maladjusted behaviour.

I think as from now let's not muddy the waters, if Anyuak want to get emancipation from the government of South Sudan to have a county like Pochalla be recognized as a county, yes of course, why shouldn't they be? The entire Lou will stand firm to give them full support and freedom instead of being partly with Murle in Pibor and partly with Mor in Akobo and murdering Nuer in Gambella of Ethiopia, but if they are making a lot of noise that our land was taken, they are totally wrong, let them check out the history of the entire Sudan and get more information about our geographical division,
I am not saying we don't want Anyuak in Akobo but what I am saying is that they are more than welcome to stay and live in Akobo likewise to Murle and other communities but they do not have any legal right of claiming any piece of land.

Infact hardship and struggle have been endured for many years by Mor of Lou Nuer all over Louland deliberately to build effective neighbourhood. In my point of view Akobo is not a controversial issue but some egocentric individuals are trying to use stratagem plans with prosposterous remarks to make it too controversial.

In contrary to this, pain and pleasure are both side of the coin, a doctor knows very well that when muscles doesn't get enough blood to meet the increase demand, human body begin to porduce lactic acid which activate pain receptors in the muscles and make human feels like legs or arms are on fire, however, these Anyuak Sudanese and Ethiopian as well, felt the pain of loitering between Sudan and Ethiopia. As far as my knowledge is concern prior to the libeaton era 75% of Anyuak community declared themselves Ethiopian. Now that Sudan is toward enjoying its properity they wanna make another war.

having gone to H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit the president of Southern Sudan for a talk is not actually a bad idea for Anyuak as a community and I suggest all Anyuak as a community would have gone to Mr. Omar Hassan El Beshir, the president of the entire sudan, for a talk over the recognition of their county. But claiming over Akobo in exclusion of the Akobo community cannot solve any problem, between the two communities, even if this matter has gone to the desk of EU, AU or whoever it's addressed to. I think it can’t help them at all, to simply solve this problem, Anyuak as a community are to go to the current Akobo administrators, if they wanna be part of Akobo, as far as British geographical is concern they are initially suppose to be part of Pibor but due to the locality they are in, nobody can deny them to settle any where or be part of the administration. As from now Anyuak people doesn't have any legal right of claiming any piece of land in Akobo rather than what they will be alocated for.

Once more, it's time to fight racism and discrimination but those that are maladjusted should adjust themselves before they come to the press in fighting this racism and let's not contemplate on the flaw of Akobo but concertrate on the effect and substantive contemporary issues or Lou and Anyuak had to give their magnanimity to each other for a better Akobo.


Madduk Goryang                                                                         mgoryang@hotmail,com

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