Is Akobo a controversial issue?

By Cham Okony Cham
Oct. 26, 2006

The answer is no, Akobo issue is not controversial.

It does not need much to say that Akobo is not controversial. Akobo issue is not controversial in any way because it is the Anyuak land. It is the people who took it from the Anyuak that think it is controversial. The exposition in the article by Madduk Goryang and many others is one way of making Akobo controversial by telling stories that are just void of substantial content. It does not matter, however, how these authors want to make their thoughts known. It is all the same thing that we have known for years: denial and threat.

Suffice it to say the Anyuak people have their case on the table with the GoSS. The truth will be known. If the Lou are afraid of truth then they can continue to invent stories.

Those who follow the news trends will now know that the Nuer who are denying the rights of the Anyuak are the ones complaining of losing Barmach Payam between Ulang and Lou. In this case either Lou Nuer or Jikany Nuer have a right to the claim. Both are claiming ownership before the war [Sudan Radio, 10/06/2006]. One will lose eventually. If Nuer-Nuer can complain against one another it cannot be difficult for the Anyuak to claim back their land and homesteads occupied during the war by the wrong people who have been vying for water and grazing.

The Anyuak are patient and will prevail in the face of law in the Southern Sudan. The Arabs are not here to pit group against group to maintain power. This is the Southern Sudan we all have been looking for.  No one will cheat another any more.


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