Peace Among Two brother (Nuer and Dinka)

By Peter Chuol gatluak
April 10, 2006

Nuer and Dinka must know the principles and processes the nurture peace in all four dimensions of their life, the conscience, peace of mind, peace in their relationships, and even of body. I do not support any war between Nuer and Dinka because our vision have purpose and meaning , which it means support our goals, drive our purposeful, and integrate accomplishment of our struggle. Bothers and sisters each moment of choice it can becomes a space in which we can exercise our human endowments to act with integrity.

Sharing our vision and stewardship agreements can empower us to see terms of opportunities instead of problems. We must realize that people are not things. Neither are they simply delegates. They are living, breathing human beings with their own space between stimulus and response, their own unique endowments, and capacity to synergize with us to create positive things together in a way that surpasses what we could ever do on our own.

The war between Nuer Dinka it's critical to peace because frustration is essentially a function of unmet expectations-we expect something to be a certain way or to produce certain results.

At the root, the problem is that many of our expectations came from scripting, the personality ethnic, or the social mirror instead of true future. These negative expectations they're flawed paradigms. They're not based on our fundamental laws of Life.

Opposition is natural part of life. Just as we develop our physical muscles through overcoming opposition, such as lifting weights, we develop our character muscles by overcoming challenges and adversity.

Recommendations: Immediate prospects of a reconciliation between warring factions of the SSDF and the SPLA. God bless you all.

Peter Chuol Gatluak


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