Agony of South Sudan masses with the slow implementation of CPA

By Dr Samuel Koang Galuak - SSDF 
Posted to the web on 22 April 2006

April 6, 2006 — The South Sudan Democratic Forum has been following the events after the formation of the government of national unity (GNOU) and government of South Sudan (GOSS) which culminated in the lost of the key portfolios in the central government with great conern. Until now people are waiting eagerly to hear from the government of national unity and the government of South Sudan, the commencement of the work of boardes commission, withdrawal of the Sudan arms force (SAF), the appointment of commissioners to lead the commissions, the civil service and the re-structuring of the government in Khartoum city.

All these issues are vital to the smooth and successful implementation of the comprehensive peace agreement (CPA). The most unfortunate situation is the dysfunction of the institutions in the South, particularly the council of ministers and the parliament of south Sudan that are until now gravelling with trivial issues. Instead of addressing the most urgent issues that needed urgent attention i.e. the repatriation of refugees and returnees. A year has elapsed with the government remaining ineffective in addressing the problems of our suffering people.

Given the situation the South is in, such malfunctioning of the institutions in the south could threaten the implementation of the CPA as certain individuals within the SPLM leadership seem to be concern with their own personal interests, encouraging grouping rather than promoting solidarity among south Sudanese people and political parties that are partners to the government of south Sudan.

According to our most reliable sources, some of the appointed members from respective southern political parties to the Unity state have been refused swearing in. Instead the same sources have revealed that new appointees from the Unity state have been confirmed to replace those political representatives of different political parties. This in itself is a violation of CPA that allows participation of other southern political parties in the government of national unity and the government of south Sudan.

It has become apparent that the struggle to liberate the South wasn’t to be so as we can now see the situation deteriorating day after day. The soldiers, civil servants and workers are not receiving their salaries and wages making life more miserable and intolerable for their families. One is baffled that till now the southern masses are not getting even a single of the most basic and important services such as health care, food supply, clean drinking water, housing and education particularly for those children who have been denied education for so long.

I appeal to southern masses to be awake and vigilant and not to be distracted from your course. The CPA has provided an opportunity for the people of the south to form their own government and chose their leaders. Therefore such an opportunity should be utilized to pressure the government of the south Sudan to meet peoples’ aspirations. I also call upon the army of south Sudan and any other arm groups to solidify their unity and maintain their neutrality or non partisans as stipulated in Juba declaration for they are the custodian of the CPA. We strongly advise against the politicisation of the military as this could be a recipe for disaster.

As was publicly proclaimed by the signatories of the CPA, that the CPA is for the people, therefore it is now high time for the people to reap the fruits of the CPA first but not those individuals who are using their power to enrich themselves at the expense of the masses. All our brave and patriotic forces that have fought and laid down their lives for our land should always be remembered by all south Sudanese who are enjoying the fruits of their struggle and should therefore be honoured and rewarded through their families and relatives whom they have left behind. It is to be reiterated that South and southern people come first and are above any individual aspirations or ambition that may harm their course rather than promoting it.

I call upon all the southern parties not to lie back while seeing the south and the southern people vanishing or disappearing. It is our role and duty to speak for the powerless, voiceless and those who don’t have the chance to express their grievances publicly or in short the “silent majority”.

The South Sudan Democratic Forum reiterates its firm and full commitment to upholding the principle of the right of self determination as consistently been confirmed by both Khartoum, Pashoda peace agreements of 1997 and Naivasha of 2005. We therefore appeal to the southern masses who have been deprived and marginalised for half a century not to be distracted by the events in the Sudan in general and the South in particular but to stay focused in protecting the CPA as this is the only hope of guaranteeing peace, stability and development as well as realising our aspirations and freedom which we have been yearning for.

Dr Samuel Koang Galuak, Secretary General - South Sudan Democratic Forum


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