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Avoid Nuerism
Words of advice and encouragement

By Mr.Brown Both Bol *
Posted to the web on 28 April 2006

Our participation we Nuer in the government of south Sudan will help us gain or get selected to the post. 

If we Nuer blame the government or the leadership that lead the Nation of South Sudan, nor government of Gen. El beshire of Sudan by selecting Ambassadors which will play the interest of south  and North  to any country they may be  heading soon, I don’t think there were  tribalism add on that selection made early  this week folks. as we quote that its was not justified, we are wrong on that guys, Its was just a job for the leadership of our government to select who really been working hard for years in the government business, also participation for that person did qualified him/her to the job. if we others tribes in south  Sudan  take advantage against that kind of selection made by our leaders, again I don’t think  that will be good democracy we thought we play in our Nation. long time ago  I did told you Nuer  that, your participation to the government business it will lead you to the position which you never expected, but we Nuer failed to follow the rules of the government than disturbing our Nuer leaders by them not to follow our Nuerism then government rules. if we don’t have enough position in both North and south government, please let us not blame the leadership that do it job now, let us blame ourselves from the past duty.

Mr.Brown Both Bol is Political activist for South Sudan




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