Letter to South Sudan president and Vice President of Sudan, Salva Kirr Mayardit:

The recent attack on the border of Sudan and Ethiopia carried out by Murle people against Nuers is serious and must be investigated soon. Almost three weeks after the onset of the widespread massacres, the Murle people and their “unknown allies" continue to plague into Nuer areas. I just want to direct this immediate issue to the South Sudan Chairman, Salva Kiir Mayardit, who has authority to take a closeer look at this matter. The massacres committed by Murle people against innocent Nuers at Palbuol-Gnuanhok villages and Gnor-Telluth [my town] and other parts of the areas between April 14-20, 2006 must be investigated. It is severe for the Nuer people both in South Sudan and Ethiopia. This type of killing never even happened during the late Dr. Garang’s leadership, 1983-1985 Nuers Massacres that 44 people were in one week.

Lawless Nation:

They, Murle, act like little more than ten years old children. Nearly everyone in that community owns gun. The fact that 44 people, including women and children, have been killed and many more have been wounded throughout these areas shows the brutality of the Murle community. Whoever ignores this serious matter in full view of the whole citizens of the affected areas will be seen and treated with serious consequences. Therefore, if we do not to take quick action against these suspects, the retaliation against Murle will be widespread worsen the situation. Murle attacks have left tens of thousands of Nuer children and elders with empty hands and no way to survive. Of course, there is no doubt that a crime of such a magnitude deserves a painful punishment on those who carried it out. The greater Nuer nation is waiting for GoSS or GoS decisions. According to Nuers-Ethiopians, they believed that there is need for a thorough investigation to bring all suspects to justice. Murle has already been confirmed as those who have committed these crimes.

All cows taken by Murle must be return back to their owners. Salva kiir, government has to disarm Murle without any condition to prevent any future problems. They will not commit additional crimes if they are disarmed. Also, such heinous crimes against defenseless "disarmed" people would cause damage to South Sudan's situation as a whole. Thus, the Nuers want to ensure that these people are brought to justice before it is too late. Again, the Nuer must make sure they are confidence in the investigation panel that will consist of handpicked people by the government. More importantly, Nuers must believe that the South Sudan government will not ignore the current attack on them by Murle. Furthermore, the Nuars has already justified the killings that have been carried out by Murle people and there are indications that there will be additional attacks soon if the government does not take action immediately.

The investigation:

The so-call investigation will also include some characteristics; disarmament for every single person who casually carries gun, including women who may just be sitting behind. Those with guns may be influences to carry out attacks on the Nuer areas in order to survive with or keep not belongings to them. The most likely outcome of the investigation under the current panel is that the killers would be exonerated and the victims would see the government's action and feel hope. The Nuers believe that the only impartial investigation that can be conducted is to arrive at the truth and hold the perpetrators of these heinous crimes accountable. The investigation should be conducted under the auspices of the South Sudan and Ethiopian governments. And the Nuers people are at large to see possible motives of why these people committed these killings.

The conclusion:

This solution will save the lives of many tribe members in the South Sudan. Mr. Chairman, I am urging you to pay great attention to the massacres of the Nuers areas in April 14-20, 2006 where 44 people have lost their lives. Eventually, the Murle people would not end with these attacks; it is likely that they will attempt to commit more. Your actions will save lives. And the Nuers are not in a position to attack Murle community; Nuers believe that if they attack the Murle community total chaos will result leaving no solution to be found.

Duach Mach, Living in the State of Minnesota, United State of America. He can be reach maduch@excite.




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