Intimidation is Dreadful Politics

By J. Ojoch*
May 16, 2006


Re: The Empty Cry of a Baby: Nuer /Anyuak Co-existence.
      Sudan Tribune, May 13/2006.


Intimidation, anger, fighting, disregard of human life, aimless recklessness, arrogance, and dangerous pride, are typical Nuer characteristics confirmed and materially exhibited in the above article. It also carries a self-incriminating admission and evidence that the Nuer committed human rights abuses amounting to genocide against the Anyuak in Akobo in 1980 and that they will do it again.

 Intimidating and vowing to fight a government aimlessly is not good politics, to say the least. How the members of this society take it is a different matter. But public opinion will surely drive the Nuer down the drain with such arbitrary declarations and threats. If the Government of Southern Sudan [GoSS] is not good, is the National Islamic Front/ National [NIF] better? If neither of them what are the Nuer factions looking for?

One would expect that a well informed respondent to the forum politics would be objective and mature in reacting to opinions to gather support or suggest solutions to problems. What we see here is not in line with someone labeled as intellectual. It is more of insufficient comprehension of the topic being reacted to. Personal attacks are things of incompetence and loss of direction. What should be addressed is the destruction in the Nuer areas. Is there a problem? What is the cause and how can it be solved? Those who call themselves intellectuals must brain storm around these questions.

Any “Ram mi Ran” who is productive was expected to convey productive debate in defending his people’s position and to convince the Southern Sudanese at large instead of unproductive personal insults. But what we see in that article is a “Ram NOT mi Ran” rhetoric. Who will buy war and blood against peace? Keep throwing the spear through the internet. It might cool off the temper.

However, we must not lose focus and go astray because of some reckless individuals pronouncing threats in the media. There is a great problem in the Upper Nile. That was the theme of my article which these immature writers have misunderstood. The Nuer are agitated when these problems are mentioned by outsiders then they resort to threats and intimidation. We should not keep quiet because the repercussions affect the whole Southern Sudan as a family. Those Nuer elements can continue to cover, defend or hide. We must continue to name the problem, identify all the forms it takes and suggest solutions.

 The GoSS has a business to handle. It is doing well already. The GoSS must be persistent in finding solutions so that development takes root in all regions of the Southern Sudan. The NIF supporting these militia groups is a dying horse with Darfur coming on board at the Government of National Unity [GoNU]. The Eastern Sudan is not far away. Right within the South, the Patriotic Resistance Movement/Army [PRM/A] has joined forces with the SPLA/M. The only leg of the horse still kicking is the one stuck with the Nuer militia warriors. The factions there are keeping it alive with the continued in-fighting and out-fighting designed by the Arabs.

At this time the Southern Sudan is gearing for the 2011. Let the political parties strengthen. It is the healthy and better avenue to fight for winning leadership. Those who follow the SSDF aggressive means must utilize the peaceful political means to win. Their military wings are nothing but the NIF appendages under close scrutiny of the Arab eye. It is destructive. If they have to be part of a positive solution they better integrate with the Sudan Armed Forces [SAF] and fight with their vote at the right time.

Assume that the Comprehensive Peace Agreement [CPA] crumbles who will benefit among the Southerners? Will this fulfill the Nuer factional aspirations? Will the “warriors” ride easily to get a government to replace the present GoSS? Will the Arabs still be good friends? Let common sense reign.

Our leaders in the GoSS are reading what we write and discuss on these forums. It is one way to gather public and intellectual opinions which help them to formulate some aspects of policies. From here they understand that the Southern Sudan masses, intellectual and politicians alike, are not happy with what is happening in the Upper Nile today: unnecessary death and lawlessness.

The GoSS is the only government that will bring more peace to the Southern people. Note that the CPA came a long way. The sweat must not dry out without fruitful results because of a few thugs being manipulated by the NIF in that region. Maintain the momentum within the GoNU to stop supporting those elements for disarmament to proceed without more bloodshed. No one deserves to die at this time even the real enemy, the Arab. Our motto must be for peace and development.


* J. Ojoch is in the USA and can be reached at:






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