Re: The Empty Cry of a Baby: Nuer /Anyuak Co-existence.

By Nyang Gilo
May 19, 2006

Re: The Empty Cry of a Baby: Nuer /Anyuak Co-existence.
Sudan Tribune May 13/2006.

With due respect to Peter Lam’s article: The Empty Cry of a Baby: Nuer/Anyuak Co-existence posted on this website May 13, 2006 in response to Mr. Ojoch’s article I here by, without hesitation opposed to the author useless language use, in his belittling the others who had voice their opinions to addressing the problem facing Nure people in general at this critical moment.

The accusation the author used against Ojoch is absurd, meaningless. It was ill conceived, without
merit. It amount to nothing but utter contempt of allegation from someone confused of his dying world but wanted someone to blame for. The author must understand that the Anuakmedia forum is an open media press where unlike other media outlets welcomes all kind of southern Sudanese intellectuals from different social and political backdrops to engage in dialogues, he Peter Lam should check all the Nure’s websites, see if he could find Anyuaks or other southern Sudanese nationalities names, and writings in them. However, Anyuakmedia on so many occasions had posted on its website some of the Nuers articles even when they seem to be written against Anyuak people. Therefore without a doubt it looks to everybody that this is a media forum dedicated to southern Sudanese agenda, others’ political developments around the world. It welcomes all type social forces and encouraged them to say what ever they wanted to say without fear or threat from no body. And for Peter Lam to personally threaten Mr. Ojoch’s security, it shows how desperate, psychotic this person is, and Mr. Lam must understand that we are not in a barbarians era. And therefore we live in a country where the rule of law prevailed, and innocents lives are protected and safeguarded, so if you think I am kidding to what I am saying, go check all the Nebraska’s jails, talk to many Nuers who are now languishing in them, see why they were there in the first place. Also I want to remind Peter Lam that there is a penalty for threat against someone in the US law, if the Author keeps threatening other people and doing what is doing for long, I think he should be referred to appropriate authority, and they will take care of him. I think the rule of law will civilized him very well that so when he is out of court he wouldn’t project jungle threats toward other people again.

For the author attempt to avoid the legitimate problems facing the south Sudan nationalities in the hands of Nuer stock, trying to denied and cover the current situation in the south caused by his tribal section of his society is a grim reminder that some of the Nuer elites are there to stage anarchy and chaos, they would do everything at their disposals to stifle the on going southern people move for independence for their own sheer goals of tribal nonsense.

Many southern nationalities of good conscience have call on Nuer elites to put stop sectionalism, ceasefire to stop killing of innocent men and women by their organized armed thugs endangering the stability in the south. But the elites had their own agenda for which we don’t yet but soon we are going to learn the real nature of these splinter groups. There is a proverb in Chinese that “you can warp fire with paper”. Thus the avoidance of the real issues by Nuer elites, aiming for conflicts with other southern Sudanese is of greater concern to many. It has created vacuum, it is without the reach of the authority, becoming enormously danger for the stability in the south as whole. The whole south is at stake. And if the South Sudan government is not taking a heave stick measure at moment to the stamp out these snakes lurking in the muddy water, the whole peace process is going to be history.

So the whole southern Sudan at this pivotal time must focus on putting its house in order, put a stop these proxy wars waged by thugs and selfish traders of the south Sudan freedom sellers. The language of freedom, independence from the Arab rule of exploitation must be nourished and should be the only phrase spoken in the land of the South Sudanese people. And anything less or anything becoming impediment, or stumbling blocks toward the greater goal of the southern Sudanese struggle for independence either by the government in the North or its sponsored proxy groups must not be tolerated and should be dealt with without mercy. And the people must be united toward this noble goal for the attainment of independence of the southern Sudanese people.

Nyang Gilo is based in the USA, he can be reach at e-mail

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