Peter Lamís Lamentation

By Lero O. Odola*


Re: The Empty Baby Cry: Nuer/Anyuak Co-existence, May 13, 2006


May 31, 2006 - I would like to concentrate precisely on the horrifying history of the main causes of the Nuer image damage. Take your medicine as a man, though bitter and horrible to swallow. I must initially express my deepest solidarity to those individuals, families, relatives, and friends of innocent victims who lost their loved ones in the tragic events I am about to expose.    But first, do Nuer and Anyuak co-exist? It is something that the Nuer talk about too much that Anyuak and Nuer have co-existed for a long time.

Simply put, there has never been co-existence.  People who co-exist are friendly, do not fight; one does not cheat the other or dominate the other. Co-existence does not thrive where force is used to take things from others. Peaceful relationship and protection of each other are marks of co-existence. All the good elements are absent in Anyuak/Nuer relationship, meaning no co-existence.   It will not be instituted by force hereafter.

What is Peter Lam’s lamentation all about?  Is it that your image has been damaged that made you lament so badly? The Nuer image damage did not start today or a year ago.   The Nuer image damage started centuries ago; and more recently when they hunted down innocent Shilluks in cool blood in Malakal town in 1973; when they killed innocent Murle near Akobo town in 1973; when they killed aggressively in broad daylight the indigenous Anyuak in Akobo town and brunt down to the  ground their villages and properties in 1980-83; when they killed SPLA/M recruits from Dinka tribe in Fangak in 1984; when they targeted and killed innocent Shilluk in Malakal town  and surrounding areas in 1986-87; when they killed  in a hostile way the Nuba ,Dinka Anyuak, Shilluk, Maban, people from Equatoria and people from Blue Nile  in Nasir in 1991-92; when they violently killed their own Nuer of Jekany in 1992 in Nasir; when they killed Dinka Bor in 1992; who knows perhaps you might have inflicted durable human right abuses against Dinka Ngok  in Panaaru and Mayoum districts  behind the scene;  when they attempt to kill Anyuak in Jor but only met their fate; not the least, the  continuation of your slaughter of the Anyuak in Akobo up to the present.   And during peace as now, blood is still teeming in the Nuer country. These are raw undisputable obvious phenomenal facts. 

The survivors or the relatives of victims of those mentioned atrocities are better eyewitnesses to confirm or dispute my assertion.   And I respectfully admire in advance, their positive or negative responses.  In my perspective, silence on such inhumane actions is a destructive argument.  We are in time to correct and rebuild what have been destroyed by the longest African civil war. Who will be the back born in the rebuilding efforts of South Sudan if lives continue to be lost?
It is time for the Nuer to repair the image.  To repair and get cure or remedy does not need you to intimidate or wage unnecessary wars.  Stop committing more crimes against humanity like in the past when atrocities were planned and implemented by people like you who deserve now to go to ICC for trial in the Hague.  I believe eventually sooner or later it will happen.  Indeed the loss of image is painful to Peter Lam.  It makes him cry bitterly, lamenting and cursing in vain. 

Let me go to some of Lam’s statements:

“To remind the readers, it is not long ago that the only Anyuak professor who was elected in Akobo by the Nuers to defeat one of the Nuer son Dr. Michael Wal Duany, the Honorable professor Anade was used by John Grang the Dinka movement leader and finally killed like a dog by Dr. Grang. Professor Anade was the first person sent to US as SPLA representative, he had worked hard to secure the American Christian Coalition which was the key lobby group to pressure the US government to support the SPLA. I thought any reasonable Anyuak should have learnt about the nature of the Dinka, but they din not. Here we go again another Anyuak, a useless man called Mr. Ojoch worshipping the Dinka.”

I am profoundly offended by your statement (“killed like a dog”), however, I am neither surprised nor shocked, because that is Nuer traditional phrase and abhorrence, even on the deceased person remains.   Addressing your anger, disrespect, and hatred to the dead person is an indication and clear message to readers to analyze how much pain is in your soul and how less human being you are.  That is how inhumanely you mistreat your opponents alive or dead. 

More importantly, bear in mind that the late Professor Anade did not die in vain as disgracefully and blindly as you may assume.   He had a vision of a statesman.  He died has a hero and his death will be remembered by all generations of Anyuak to come.  Your loathing toward Anyuak as exceeded the normal scale of anticipation.  And that is not surprising either.  What can anybody expect of a group or individuals of Nuer? The group or Individuals of Nuer is a Nuer always, allergic to facts, to peace, tranquility, and to Dinka.  The focus usually is on concept of the Naath (Nuer) first and the greed of power and Arab money.   Absolutely you have right to compete for power, money, etc, through the democratic process in the Southern Sudan.   However, it must not be achieved at the Anyuak expense either.    What is the motivation of trying to wipe out the Anyuak from Southern Sudan Map?

Moreover, Peter Lam has talked inhumanely about the death of Professor Anade Othow so much thinking of making a point.  Therefore, before I add more damage to your image, you need to know in-depth about the cause of the death of Anade.  Professor Andae was mercilessly murdered by the perpetrator Dr. Reik Machar. Having doubt, you have to ask the killer himself, Riek Machaar.  In Dr. Riek Machaar’s last visit to the United States of America, in September 2004, he was grilled by the Anyuak about the intimidation he together with John Luk Jok, Majok Guangdong, and others did to Anade during Akobo‘s  peace and reconciliation conference in 1994.   Dr. Riek is held accountable for the death of Professor Anade Othow.   He, Riek Machar admitted that he was part in the death of Anade in one way or the other.   One did not need to see Riek shooting.

Furthermore, what you mentioned about the 1980 Akobo election results is irrelevant, because the late Anade Othow was not elected by the Nuer settlers.   Anade Othow  was the real Akobo constituency son, that charitable land.   Therefore, Professor, Anade had the right to be elected unanimously by overwhelming majority of his people, the Anyuak.   He deserved that seat to serve his peaceful people in Juba assembly.    Nevertheless, Mai Duany was not the only one who was defeated in that historical election.  John Luk Jok too was defeated by the late Professor Anade Othow. They were frustrated and were ashamed when the results were announced by radio Juba and radio Umdurman.   They have preached that Akobo was a done case.   To compensate for the loss the Lou Nuer planned for unprecedented and unimaginable man-made disaster, systemically to be carried out against the indigenous Anyuak. 

Astonishingly, after the election immediately Mai Duany secretly and separately approached the late Anade Othow and confessed that, he did not mean to run against Anade.    However, his aim was to block John Luk. Anade truthful answer was that, “I am keen to work with you collectively to build Akobo”.    Furthermore, John Luk Jok did the same thing and said, “my desire to run was to block Mai duany”.   The late Anade was a honest nationalist and unique Anyuak man.   His answer to John Luk Jok was that, “I sincerely advice you to go back to complete your studies in London”.  One day your time will come to serve your people.   Unfortunately, what the late Anade did not know about these two Mor Nuer [or Lou elites settlers] was that they are wolfs in sheep clothing.  They had their own hidden agenda against Anade in particular and Anyuak in general.

More significantly, your information is misleading and you don’t need to disgrace your self further.  Please do not be confused.  I implore you to refrain from stepping on our unhealed wounds. Your abusive expression about our dead loved ones is unacceptable and can’t be tolerated.  We have been mourning the death of the great leaders who have died in unknown circumstances, regardless of where he/she come from.  For example, the late Martin Majaar, the late Samuel Gai Tut, the late Charles Kot Chaatem, the late Kot Atem, the late William Abdalla Choul Deng, and the late William Nyuon, just to mention a few of them, died in similar circumstances as Prof. Anade.   Did they die as dogs in your opinion? Peter Lam must provide explicit answer to the readers.  My greatest regards to the families, relatives, and friends of the cited war victim’s above.
Calling the SPLM/A a Dinka’s organization is unhealthy, terrible and colossal mistake. You are therefore discrediting, for example, the people of Equatoria, Nubia Mountains, Eastern Sudan rebels and the people of the Blue Nile who have remained firm fighting side by side with the SPLA/M main stream since the split in 1991. These people deserve admiration and appreciatively to be held heroes for their consistency with the Sudan Libration Movement.  These groups of people have paid definitive sacrifices in the course of the liberation.  The fruits of their struggle must be admired.   Hence, be realistic, honest, and logical, when debating about the SPLM /A movement because it is the main organization which has been advocating for the black Africans oppressed by the so-called Arabs minority rulers in Khartoum.  The more you call the SPLA/M and/or the GoSS a Dinka thing, the more you discredit the Nuer contribution, for instance, James Hoth Mai and John Koang.

“I am asking these questions because I am not from Lou Nuer and when Lou Nuers keep quite about something as this, they are to do something about it. I suggest this mad man should be advised before it too late” 

What forced you to get involved in something which is none of your business? What did you contribute for the Southern Sudanese to understand  or listen to you? If anything, you just showed a shameful Nuer talk. Otherwise you are desperately frustrated. Simply continue to work under the SSDF flirting dreams of independence from the Southern Sudan, declared on behalf of Nuer by De Chan’s declaration. Keep hoping that you will have a Nuer state in nowhere
I want to focus a little bit on Akobo again.  This is the killing field.  It is where the Nuer killed the Anyuak in numbers during the Arab regime.   Also I will draw attention and make a call to the sons and grandsons of Anyuak and Dinka whose grandfathers were assimilated by the Nuer.   Nuer must remain as Nuer.   Peter Lam can now cry more.

The notoriously organized crimes committed by the Nuer against innocent Anuaks indigenous people in Akobo town, in all Anuak villages and else where from 1980-1983 continues up to the present time.   It is important to mention this again and again.  It remained unreported, uninvestigated, and mysterious to the vast majority of Southern Sudanese nation.   Consequently, many questions remain unanswered about how such man-made and intentional tragedy and events occurred? Was the then High Executive Council for the South involved?  Were any hands of those who were in power in Juba by the time potentially involved in the massive murder of Anuak?  If these questions and many more remain unanswered or if justice is not served in this case, Anuaks will continue to live in limbo until the end of this world unless the GoSS plans a rescue now.  The GoSS is settling and putting in place the justice structures.   Relief is bound to come. Fore example, It is anticipated that the Peace and Reconciliation Commission [and Border Commission] will take a serious look at this chronic and sensitive matter.  This is one of the most important responsibilities of the Commissions to handle without delay.

Many atrocities took place in the Anyuak land, instituted by the Nuer over time, in the absence of law and order. However, what is said publicly [and disgracefully] is that the Nuer took Akobo by force from Anuaks. The question therefore is, if Akobo was/is part of South-North Sudan conflict was/is it to be liberated from Anuaks by the Nuer? Are the Anuak the closest allies to Arabs or are they from Arabs countries/origin to be targeted in Sudan civil war by another tribe?  These questions are for the GoSS, [including international community, Human Right Watch, Genocide Watch, and the US State Department] to carefully analyze, evaluate, and compare its magnitude with any reported human right abuses that occurred elsewhere around this planet. The result will be extremely devastating to see. The impact and scale of these atrocities is overwhelming and obvious on those who experienced these inhuman acts.

However, this must teach all Anyuak and any peace lovers, including those Anyuak individuals who still live with Nuer, a good lesson about how Nuer are atrocious people.

All people of Anyuak origin, anywhere on earth must regroup and focus on one cause and future life. Things have changed for anybody to claim lost rights. Reflect on your history and rediscover yourself. Those Anuak who remained to stay behind in Adong, Abwong, Agella Acheel, ulang, Beet, Atolla, Akunyaree, Buro-Obei, Nyingori, Ayot, Adhura, and Nyium Omeil, in general must chose to be free from Nuer culture. 

This is a direct call for those assimilated to rediscover themselves. And thereafter to declare independence from the Nuer who kept them captives to this day. They deserve to have own Counties and/or Payams as distinctive group wherever they are in the upper Nile.   The Nuer stated so many times and on several occasions that eighty percent of their population are purely Anyuak or Dinka. The Nuer have gone so far to say that they achieved all this by exterminating the Anyuak and Dinka populations along the Sobat through systemic slaughter with the help either from the Arabs or Great Britain.  Anyuak have compelling evidence to support these statements. That is something horrible to hear from the Nuer who claim to be nationalists and champions of democracy with the lust to rule the virgin Country of Southern Sudan. So, all the Anyuak and Dinka, who were assimilated by the Nuer, should rethink about their future.  What happened to their fore fathers is still fresh in the minds of the young generation.  Some of these generations have Anyuak or Dinka names.  They are still able to trace their origins. For how long will you continue to endure discrimination living with the Nuer? During the war you are in the forefront. During peace time you are called with discriminatory names. You cannot continue to be called digested natives.  You did not go to the Nuerland. The Nuer came on you. Where you live today is your home.  Claim your right right there. Just organize yourselves and claim back your real identity.  You are not a Nuer. You are someone else. Do not be afraid or ashamed. Southern Sudan is free.  You have full right to be who you are. 

Peter Lam can cry harder if that can repair the Nuer image. 

*Lero O. Odola lives in the USA and can be reached at E-mail:






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