Open Letter to Hon. Dr. Martin Elia

To: Hon. Dr. Martin Elia
Chairman of South Sudan Democratic Forum Party
Juba, South Sudan

Subject: Dismissal of Bona Malwal and the problem of Unity State Assembly’s members

Dear Mr. Chairman,

We, the undersigned members of South Sudan Democratic Forum Party, are appealing to your leadership to rescue the party from internal collapse. As founding members of the party, we want to bring to your attention the failure of your leadership to address the problems faced by our party.

The first problem is the violation of the Constitution of the party in the nomination of South Sudan ambassadors. As you already now, the nomination was conducted based on the power-sharing protocol of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, which states that SPLM party has 70% of power while the rest are divided by other parties. In the issue ambassadors, the National Congress Party does not need to be represented because there are already NCP’s ambassadors abroad. Therefore, it is SPLM and other parties that should share the ambassadorial positions meaning that the Democratic Forum and other parties should get 15% of the South Sudan ambassadors.

Although the SPLM party partially implemented the power-sharing protocol in the nomination of the ambassadors, what disturbed us is the violation of our party’s procedures to fill the position allocated to Democratic Forum. We are shocked to see the name of Akuei Bona Malwal as ambassador representing the Democratic Forum not because he is not a member of the party, but
because his name was not on the list of the people nominated to serve in foreign service. Nobody could doubt the loyalty of Akuei Bona to our party; however, his name was not on the list of the people proposed to work in foreign service.

Due to the violation of the procedures of our party’s constitution, we have a moral authority to question the one who brought Akuei through backdoor. The culprit within our party who did that is nobody other than his father, Hon. Bona Malwal Madut. We would like to refer to him as uncle Bona Malwal in this letter because there is no honorable person who could violate the rules of the party because he has undue influence on President Salva Kiir.

Mr. Chairman,

You know that Bona Malwal was accepted as a member of the party in 2003 to assist us in dealing with late Dr. John Garang. We didn’t welcome him back then because he is a man of principle. He joined us because had a personal vendetta with Garang. Although some of our members warned us not to allow “a black cobra into our room as a friend”, most of us agreed to work with any devil to bring John Garng down to his knees. We dispatched Bona to the U.S. State Department to talk to U.S. authorities about South-South dialogue and the war that would follow if Garang refused to swallow our political program. Although we are the very people who invented the term South-South Dialogue in 2000, Bona attempted to steal our effort to secure himself a political power in Sudan. Yet, we tolerated his machinations because our greatest enemy was Dr. John Garang.

When Bona declared in October, 2004 that he would highjack the SPLM and the CPA from Garang, we called him an hero when Commander Salva Kiir declared to remove Garang. Bona was busy getting praises from members of our party for his work to convince Salva Kiir to get rid of our enemy.

As soon as Dr. Garang died, uncle Bona became a different person. We already knew that when Garang is gone, Bona would turn against us. It exactly happened as predicted. He joined his Gogrial elites and started working towards building a “Gogrial leader for life”. In June 2005, the National Congress Party paid his mansion in Khartoum estimated around a million dollar. He was also given three farms in Northern Sudan. Bona started the process of high-jacking both the South Sudan Democratic Forum and the SPLM Party.

Although we warned you about the threats posed by him, you ignored our pleas and spent much time with him and Justin Yac Arop. You rarely meet even with SSDF’s members of Parliament in Juba. Bona secretly told some of Bhar el Ghazal members of the party in London that their strategy is to unite the people of Bhar El Ghazal and Equatoria. He said that “the Nuers should go to hell” because of criticism of your leadership by Gordon Buay Reath and Dr. Samuel Koang Gatluak. Bona began to call Gordon Buay “the most dangerous boy in the South”. According to him, the GoSS is not threatened because “Garang’s orphans like Pagan Amum, Nhial Deng are disciplined by President Kiir”. Concerning Madam Rebecca Nyandeng, he made it clear to his Gogrial subjects that “Kiir would provide her an escort who would discipline her at night to respect the President”.

Mr. Chairman,

We are deeply troubled by your inability to listen to members of your party who are warning you of the dangers posed by Bona Malwal Madut. This old cobra is allergic to principled politics. He has been practicing machinations, betrayals and tribalism since he joined politics of the Sudan in the 1960s. You don’t need to be reminded that he betrayed William Deng Nhial to Jellaba Arabs for a position. He is not afraid to pursue childish projects that could jeopardize the cause of South Sudan struggle.

What baffles us is how Bona could highjack the leaderships of SPLM and the SSDF simultaneously without protests from leaders of these two parties. We don’t care much if he high-jacks the SPLM, what we don’t want to see happening is the high-jacking of SSDF entrusted by South Sudanese to check corrupt practices of the SPLM.  You know Bona was crowned two years ago as the leader Twic Mayardit. As somebody nominated as a Chief of Twic Mayardit in 2004, President Kiir is his subject who should follow his orders including high-jacking of the SPLM. He is already the leader of Gogrial Kitchen cabinet.

Mr. chairman,

The second problem you failed to address is the violation of the CPA in the Unity State by Governor Taban Deng Gai. President Kiir issued a decree in September, 2005 ordering every State in the South to implement the power sharing protocol of the Agreement. All South Sudan States followed the decree except Unity State. Taban refused South Sudan Democratic Forum Party’s members like Kerubino Pow Gatluak to be sworn in as State’s members of Assembly. Until today, all members of SSDF, USAP, SANU and UDF have been prevented to assume their responsibilities. Taban said publicly that the decree of President Kiir means nothing to him and put SPLM members in the Assembly in places of our members illegally.

The members of the Democratic Forum in Sudan and Western World brought this matter to your attention. However, you totally failed to address the problem by appealing to President Kiir to enforce his decree. While our members are languishing outside the Unity State Assembly, Taban Deng Gai and Riek Machar are busy depositing 2% of Unity State budget in foreign banks. The only ordinary people benefiting are the women who frequently visit the residence of the governor. We wonder whether you are also benefiting from the corruption in Unity State because you are incapable to protest why the members of your party, who should question corrupt practices of the SPLM, are being prevented to take their seats.

Mr. Chairman,

We call upon your leadership to convene the  party conference which will address these problems. The members of the party need to meet and terminate the membership of Bona Malwal Madut from South Sudan Democratic Forum. He is now the employee of Omar Bashir entrusted to highjack not only our party but also the South in general. If we regard Omar Bashir as the enemy of South Sudan’s aspirations, we should also include Bona on the list of spoilers of the right to self-determination.

We are seriously warning you that failure to address the problem of Bona Malwal and the marginalization of our party’s members in the Unity State, we are capable of staging a coup d’etat against your leadership to rescue our party from internal collapse. Bona Malwal will not come to your help when your leadership is threatened by “angry mob” determined to restore the aspiration of the people of the South and rid the GoSS of corruption.


1. Mr. Robert Kisanga
2. Mr. Samuel Madut Malwal
3. Mr. Peter Chuol Gai
4. Mr. James Lumoro Udhuo
5. Mr. Charles Othow Akuan
6. Madam Rebecca Nyayual Tut
7. Dr. John Lomodong Peter
8. Mr. Peter Arok Yak
9. Mr. William Nyuon Gatluak
10. Madam Elizabeth Sitona

Contact: Peter Arok Yak








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