South Sudan Riek Machar, What a leader!

By Kok Ruei*


May 7, 2006 — Ever since joining the SPLM/A, Dr. Riek Machar an Engineer from Khartoum University and PhD holder from London University, rose steadily to become Second in Command of the SPLM/A under the leadership of late Dr. John Garang de Mabior. Despite his high position in SPLM/A, his egoistic tendency and greediness for power forced him to engineer ethnic tribal conflict between his ethnic tribe (the Nuer) against Dr. John Garangs tribe (the Dinka). He mobilized some of his tribesmen (Naath = Nuer) around him and wrong groups of Southern Sudanese to try to oust Late Dr. Garang in 1991 but after failing miserably he deserted SPLM/A leaving it weakened. Dr. Riek Machar then walked in broad light without any fear or feeling ashamed to join the National Islamic Front (NIF) regime in Khartoum. He promised late Dr. Garang he can only go to the South to lead after Dr. Garangs’ death, thus he turned down every attempt of reconciliation offered by regional and international friends of the people of Sudan to reconcile him (Riek) with Dr. John Garang.

Dr. Riek never felt any shame at all that he was working in opposition and contradiction of the genuine course of Struggle and quest of Southern Sudanese people for freedom. He took it personally with former late Leader Dr. John Garang to declare a war of annihilation against the people of Dr. Garang and the innocent Dinka Bor pastoralists suffered heavily at the hands of Dr. Riek tribal army. The NIF therefore seized that opportunity and arming his militia very well. Thus, they overran and recaptured Bor town from SPLA, leaving hundreds of thousands of Dinka Bor who were mercilessly massacred in fulfilling of Dr. Riek’s crazy idea and wishes for tribal cleansing of Dinka Bor.

Following Dr. Riek split from the SPLA/M and joining the NIF Khartoum Regime, the NIF strongly advised Dr. Riek Machar to cram and sing the agendum of "Separation of South Sudan", since many Southern Sudanese Intellectuals have burning patriotism for secession of the South. To entertain, assure and prove his 100% loyalty, submission, and subordination to his Masters (NIF), Dr. Riek immediately renamed his defunct SPLM-United Faction as Southern Sudan Independent Movement (SSIM, which truly means poison in Arabic). He claimed that his movement (SSIM) was fighting on behalf of the Southern Sudanese people for total independence of the South, whereas in reality his movement (SSIM) hidden agenda was poisoning the minds and understandings of the people of Southern Sudan to commit atrocities against each others. To exacerbate the situation, Dr. Riek cast off and buried without shame the Sudanese noble struggle for freedom by signing a shameful document (The Khartoum Peace Agreement), within the context of "Peace From Within" a propaganda of NIF government.

He subsequently formed Government of the South Sudan in Khartoum, and appointed 90% members of the so-called Southern Coordination Council from his tribe (Nuer). The largest tribe in Southern Sudan (Dinka) was left out because Garang was Monyjang (Denka). This clearly reflects the true malicious nature, wishes, and hopes of Dr. Riek as an Architect for tribal bloodshed and conflict in the entire Republic of Sudan.

Dr. Riek Machar established a weak parasitic alliance with President Bashir which he thought will safeguard his selfish political interests. He hoped that such alliance may be strongly effective enough to oust out Dr. John Garang de Mabior of leadership in Great Upper Nile Region as well as the SPLA/M. His real intention was to destroy the SPLA/M. However, Dr. Riek realized (at late hours) that this alliance will not lead him to the corridors of power in Southern Sudan since the SPLM/A occupied over 50% of the strategic and major parts of the South, and moreover SPLM/A were not party to the Khartoum Peace Agreement. As his usual character, he wrapped out and ditched his alliance with President Bashir when he saw the gallant SPLM/A Forces making tremendous strides towards Peace. Dr. Riek therefore smuggled himself to Nairobi and shamelessly approached Dr. Garang to accommodate him into SPLM/A rank. Consequently, his followers and militias were left at the mercy of NIF, and many paid with their lives, a big price for Dr. Riek’s selfish ambitions. What a leader!

Dr. Riek is a very selfish person who has no love for anybody in Sudan. He deserted SPLM/A for more than a decade. However, he refused to take 4th position in the SPLA leadership when he returned back. This greediness for power forced the innocent and nationalist CDR Wani Igga to decline his 3rd position for Dr. Riek and becomes the 4th in the SPLA Leadership. His deeds reflect his greediness. Dr. Riek could not have pity for poor Southern Sudanese people and spare the British woman who was serving the war-affected people in the South from marriage. In fact his egoistic tendency and lust for many women forced him to marry her and forced her to suffer till she died. Poor lady who loved him died in car accident in mysterious circumstances at Karen, Kenya; May God rest her soul in peace! What’s clear is that Riek Machar had many concubines already and had plans to marry a new wife by the time his loyal British wife died.

Reflecting on the above attitudes of Dr. Riek Machar, it truly shows and explains that despite the committal of many crimes against SPLM/A and the Southern Sudanese people, he still pursue his selfish ambition for leadership. In fact, soon after rejoining SPLM/A he planted seeds of discord between late Dr. Garang and Salva Kiir. The man was actually playing a double face role, until Dr. Garang suddenly died in a helicopter clash, and no one exactly knows the surrounding circumstances to that tragedy.

The Late Dr. Garang was clever enough and knows how to control and remedy the malicious tendencies of Dr. Riek Machar. After his death, Dr. Riek has stripped off the skin of a sheep to expose in broad day light his true colours. He knows now that he is just one step behind the ultimate price of the Presidency of South Sudan. Since the formation of the GOSS, Dr. Riek has been actively working hard to achieve his goals by doing the following:

  1. He decided to swear in as National Legislative Assembly member in Khartoum, which is contrary to CPA. To the dismay of many he took the oath of office as member of National Legislative Assembly in Khartoum when he already was sworn in for a constitutional post in the South. This was clear violation of the CPA.
  2. He tried to manipulate appointments, including:
    i. His wife for Unity State (This was rejected by SPLA Leadership)
    ii. He tried to promote his ally Steven Kumunyangi for Governor Western Equatorial State (an attempt rejected by the locals)
    iii. He promoted his ally Taban Deng Governor for Unity State, and, iv. His wife to the Oil Ministry and Oil Commission.
  3. Dr. Riek and his family hold six constitutional positions, whereas the Nuer communities complain of under representation.
  4. He continuously tries to undermining the authority of H.E. Salva Kiir, President of GOSS by:
    i. Issuing unnecessary decrees that nullify President Kiir’s decrees,
    ii. He deliberately left South Sudan regardless of the advice of the President to remain in Juba as the President was travelling abroad.
    iii. Signing illegal contracts, and,
    iv. Issuing illegal approval for leasing lands to foreigners.
  5. Left out discussions on important matters to South Sudan such as insecurity, development and ethnic conflicts, but instead kept the GOSS cabinet busy with only issues pertaining to his private company (White Nile Petroleum Company),
  6. He was trying hard to force the Cabinet to approve concessions to his Company (White Nile Petroleum).
  7. Contract for Juba Infrastructure Rehabilitation for US$200 million through GIBB Africa (a corrupt Kenya based company). Signing contract for the rehabilitation of government houses in Juba for at least US$60,000 per house, whereas building new house in Juba would cost much less around US$40,000.
  8. In fact Dr Riek through GIBB Africa further indulged in corruption by purchasing 5 high speed generators for Juba at the cost of US$13.5 million. Shame! The actual cost of rehabilitating Juba Electricity could have been much less.
  9. Contrary to CPA notion of decentralization. Dr. Riek signed illegal contracts with Kenya and South Africa based Companies to rehabilitate States Capitals’ infrastructures without prior consultation with the State Governments. This was clear violation of the CPA.
  10. Contrary to SPLM manifesto for development in which it states its visions to bring cities to people rather than people to cities. Dr. Riek decides to spend a big chunk of GOSS budget in Juba alone leaving little for the States which represent over 95% of the population. So far GOSS claim to have spent 200 million of its budget but the states have only been allocated about $1 million each. Where is the remaining US$190 million spent?
  11. Tried to manipulate the Cabinet to appoint Paulino Matip as Minister for SPLA Affairs. However, the Cabinet turned down the attempt.
  12. Many more scandals which will be made available in later article.

The simple question an innocent Sudanese citizen can ask today is: What are the GOSS and the Legislative Assembly doing about these problems that are created by Dr. Riek to destroy the South Sudan & the CPA?

We consciously and judiciously reason that H.E. President Salva Kiir and the Cabinet together with the Legislative Assembly should resolve these issues as soon as possible. Imagine! The people of Southern Sudan deserve decent life with honour and dignity. They want to enjoy peace and share the dividends. However, Dr. Riek Machar is making things impossible and life very difficult for the South Sudanese people. He makes things "bume along". South Sudan Parliament should address these crucial issues, or otherwise things may go wrong out of control. Some SPLA have still not been paid since the signing of CPA 15 months ago, while they have voluntary fought and suffered for 21 years for the present freedom. Why?

Most independent analysts believe that the continuation of Dr. Riek Machar in power, with his cunning attitude, manipulative behavior, together with total embroilment in corruption, undermining the authority of the President (Kiir), as well as, overlooking SPLA military requirements all of which will eventually put the CPA at stake.

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