Another Nuer blunder and shamelessness.

The current Dinka government (DG) must be abolished and form a legitimate government in Southern Sudan, to prevent civil-war.

By Yien Lam Tot

June 14, 2006 - It has been detected that there will be serious and an endless civil-war in Southern sudan which will cost the lives of many (SPLA) soldiers, military officers, and so on. The (SPLM/SPLA) authorities have not yet realized that the exclusion of south Sudan United Democratic Alliance (SSUDA/SSDF) in the governance of Southern Sudan and marginalization of tribes, will cause serious civil-war in Southern Sudan. The international communities had already realized that the civil-war in Southern Sudan will occur as a consequence of marginalization of Southern tribes and also exclusion of South Sudan United Democratic Allinace (SSUDA/SSDF) in the governance of Sudan and South Sudan in particular.

The so- called Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed on 9th of January, in Kenyan Capital Nairobi by the government of Sudan (GOS) and the so-called Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA/SPLM) excluded the armed groups (AGs) currenetly led by General-Chief-of-Staff, Major-General Gordon Koang. The comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA), did (not) stop interfactional fighting, inter-tribal and inter-clan conflicts in Southern Sudan and Sudan as whole.

The so-called Juba Declaration (JD), was dead and barried in Juba by Cdr Salfa Kir and Major-General Paulino Matip Nhial. The Juba Declaration absolutely failed because Major-General Paulino Matip Nhial, the former General-Chief-Of Staff of South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF) did (not) inform 16 Generals of South Sudan Defence Forces (SSDF) to participate in the peace talk held in Juba. He was the only General who joined the tribal orginisation (TO) called Sudan People' Liberation Army (SPLA). This baseless Agreement(BA), brought a serious insecurity in Southern Sudan and Sudan in general.

Frankly, The South Sudan United Democratic Alliance (SSUDA/SSDF) demands a full power sharing, wealth sharing, freedom of religion/worship, freedom of multi-partism, freedom of expression, protection of human right, Self-Determination for people of Southern sudan which will be achieved through referrendum, just to mention afew.

The current government of Southern Sudan, is illegal and it has already been dominated by one tibe called (DINKA). This government is referred as Dinka government (DG) because it doesn't represent the interets of all South Sudanese and associates. This Dinka government (DG) is illegitimate, and it must be completetly abolished and create a legititimate government in Southern Sudan which will recognize the South sudan United Democratic Alliance (SSUDA/SSDF) and involve all the Southern tribes in the governance of Sudan and South sudan in particular. For instance,Toposa, Buoya, Lotukoh, Acholi, Madi, Kuku, Kakua, Bari, Zande, Baka, Nuer, Anuak, Shilluk, Puny, Murle, Manderi and other tribes.


Yien Lam Tot

Representative, Spokesman, for South Sudan United Democratic Alliance and South Sudan Defence Forces (SSUDA/SSDF










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