Disarmament is a Rescuing Process to the whole society of South Sudan

By Peter Reat Gatkuoth

July 22, 2006 - Disarmament is a Rescuing Process to the whole society of South Sudan In the latter third of nineteenth century until today, south Sudanese civilians were heavily been armed with machine guns equivalent to what the SPLA soldiers have or other factions. Many of whom have even long range guns that can reach some distances. These guns were initially collected from untouched SPLA stores that left to them when the two factions came into major disagreement. This equivalency had brought some of them into stage to compete a long side with military. Some of them had even participated in the faction clashes, and the national war. In this way, the civilians found themselves powerful, and refuse any order from the ruling authority in the land. If you visit the land, civilians inter tribal conflict have dominated the focus, and the vision in which some inspired that something is worth doing for the better tomorrow is fading a way. This civilian inter-tribal clashes had sadly decreases the interest of those who promise to scarify their lives for the struggle of land. This mutual disloyalty between civilians and the ruling groups had grown higher, and the sense that thereís a vision to be done has lost.

Today, the recent moves against civilian gun uses have courageously identified some steps toward peace among the civilian. Fear is significantly decline in those places that were disarmed, and some of them have even start to regain, and rebuild back the love they had lost during those worst years of clashes against each other. Hence; this guns use has remarkably depopulate most of the areas in the South Sudan, and it should be considered that fifty percent (50%) of death report is from South- South conflicts. This interminable conflict has also forces thousands of South Sudanese including the ranked soldiers to fled their garrisons, and villages in order to search for their own safety because inter tribal conflict, and factions war have disappoint some a lot. In the views of many citizens, the South-South conflict, and the civilian inter-tribal clashes seem to be one of major obstacle that had forced most South Sudanese to abroad as conflict been going on, and this is a real challenge for NGos, individuals, and other agency to go to South Sudan because gun shooting never stop.

As of today, the idea of disarmament is fully been inspired by peace lovers regardless of whether these operation of guns collection is severe or not. However; the problem is sadly remain on those who want to use civilians to pursue other options or faction within the south or it may be considered that those who donít support the disarmament are the violence supporters like Hamas group in Palestine/Terrorists. Consequently, the believe that there should be a better future is very limited, and the vision of getting independent is very fuzzy, but at least some are still focusing on a meaningful theme although some act cowardly against the disarmament. Subsequently, the right to adequate health care, shelter; water, and better food for children is highly considered, and must be assured to all people in all those areas that are disarmed. By then, it remains a cardinal humanitarian principle in the hand of South Sudanese govít, and NGOs that innocent civilians who had surrender should be assisted with necessary supplies.

Overall, Iím writing my appreciation and appeal to the South Sudanese govít, Brigadier generals, Colonels, who have done a commendable work; local communityís leader, and other group that had participated on decision. You have made a very right choice that can help these societies in upcoming days. Furthermore, disarmament should be officially carry out with the sense of delicate balance disarmament without leaving any villages, towns, and individuals behind because the other groups that are not disarmed might return to those who are disarmed.

God bless you all

Peter Reat Gatkuoth, A sociology and Political Science student in Canada. I can be reach at peterreat@yahoo.com or nyakhot@myway.com Edmonton, Alberta



















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