Tribalists and the Corrupt Are Not For SPLM-DC

By Dr James Okuk *
November 6, 2009
Posted to the web on November 7, 2009


Wait a moment before you rush to a limited-minded conclusion on the issue of the three former members of the SPLM-DC (Mr Hassan Chuol, Mr Malek Cook and Mr Jiech Chuol) who went back to re-join the bush party that has been known for great tribalism and corruption with impunity since the signing of the CPA. They accused the SPLM-DC of lack of vision when it was they themselves (as selfish individuals) who failed to read, believe and practice the written vision and objectives of the SPLM-DC as passed democratically in the SPLM-DC National Delegates Conference (visit the official website: for the texts of the Vision and Objectives of the SPLM-DC as stipulated within the Basic Rules).

Dr James Okuk

According to the other side of the story, these defectors presented a list of secretariat nominees to the Chairman of the SPLM-DC, the ever savvy politician Dr Lam Akol Ajawin but without passing through the Secretary-General Eng Charles Kisanga as required by the SPLM-DC official procedures. Mr Hassan told the Chairman (conditionally) that he would like those names to be in the Secretariat. Not only this, but he also went very far threatening that unless he is given a position in the Secretariat, he and others from Unity State will defect from the new party. Hitherto, they ended up defecting alone without supporters or the whole state as they threatened the SPLM-DC Chairman.

Shame on them for their individualistic greediness and undemocratic behavior! The SPLM should not even welcome them back because they are not sincere. They will spoil the remaining little reputation of the SPLM if allowed to become members again. They should be told that one day when the SPLM gets back to the right track after reforms or leadership change in its current dysfunctional and contradictory internal structures and hierarchies, the SPLM-DC shall be there working hand in hand as a coalition with the SPLM in the right and good government.

To put facts into their proper pigeonholes, it is important to note that on the 29 October 2009, the SPLM-DC Secretary General Eng Kisanga presented nominations for the SPLM-DC Secretariat to the SPLM-DC National Executive Committee (NEC) for approval. But since the SPLM-DC strives to be fair to include most areas in representing the regions and the states, it happened that some of the people in Hassan’s list did not make it (including Mr Hassan himself).

The ten Secretariats and the designated secretaries appointed by the Chairman after the approval of the NEC are as follows: 1. Secretariat for Finance and Administration - Mr Deng Bior Deng; 2. Secretariat for Political Affairs – Mr Deng Vanag; 3. Secretariat for Organization - Dr Mohamed Abdalla Abder; 4. Secretariat for Legal Affairs - Walid Yayha; 5. Secretariat for Women Affairs - Ms Sandra Bona Malwal; 6. Secretariat for Social Affairs and Services – Mr Mubaraka Idris Koni; 7. Secretariat for Organized Labour and Professionals – Mr Tarig Mahdi; 8. Secretariat for Cultural Affairs - Dr Funda Z. Dominic; 9. Secretariat for Economic Affairs – Mr Luke Bidong/ and 10. Secretariat for Youth and Students – Mr Akot Maley Ayuol.

The following assistants of the Secretary-General for the 8 Sectors of the Sudan were appointed too: 1. Upper Nile – Mr Chuol Limi; 2. Bahr El Ghazal – Mr Jekuei Marek Ayuon; 3. Equatoria – Mr Elias Gaaniko; 4. Darfur - Mr Juma Harouni; 5. Kordofan – Mr Younis Abdalla Issa; 6. Central – Mr Mohamed El Amin El Zamzami; 7. Northern – Mr Mohamed Mahathir; 8. Eastern – Mr Sabir Abdalla Karim.

After the announcement, immediately Mr Chuol and the two above-mentioned others (who did not get what they wanted as individuals) went on air to voice their disappointment and to draw public attention to their selfishness. They were told point blank that the SPLM-DC is not interested in tribalism and corruption that they want to impose on the Chairman. A Good bitter truth to them!

Nonetheless, since the SPLM-DC is for better change in Sudanese party politics, whoever tries to resist this change is free to pack and go where he can practice the evils and madness of tribalism and corruption with impunity. The SPLM-DC will never accommodate such members. Forward Ever But Backward Never! Long Live SPLM-DC to its objectives and right aspirations as stipulated in the Basic Rules.

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