Lost Village in Gambella Lost Village in Gambella




Bill HR 4423, the "Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights Act of 2006" passed the House Subcommittee on Africa - 24 April 2006

Open Letter to Representative Christopher Smith, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Africa from AJC - April 10, 2006

Open Letter to Embassy of Ethiopia in US from the AJC board, AJC - April 10, 2006

Open Letter To Ambassador Fesseha Asghedom Tessema
By Concerned Ethiopians - April 5, 2006

Ambassador Fesseha's lamentations
By Abayneh Woldemariam - April 5, 2006

At the Hearing on Ethiopia, Congress finds the following

Mr. Obang O. Metho speak-out to Ethiopian at “Free Ethiopia” event in Washington DC

Over 50 Responses
Letter to the Honorable Congressman Christopher Smith from Ethiopian Ambassador to US
Ethiopia no longer at crossroads, it has decided, it's not forward
Voice of America (VOA) By Dan Robinson

Gambella's case was excluded in the Bill HR 4423
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Opening Statement of Chairman Chris Smith of House Subcommittee on Africa, March 28, 2006
Impressive piece of work on webcast tv
Chris Smith's opening statement in audio
At Congressional Hearing, Obang ask why Gambella's case is excluded in the Bill HR 4423?, Anuak Justice Council , March 29, 2006
Congressional Hearing on Ethiopia’s Troubled Internal Situation, Ethiopian Politics, March 29, 2006



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