Over 50 Responses to the testimony of the AJC at the Congressional hearing in Washington DC
on March 28, 2006


Posted by Anyuak Media Staff
April 11, 2006


The following are responses:

Subject: Obang Metho
Sent: 02 Apr '06 19:54

I read Obang Metho's moving speech at an Ethiopian gathering in Washington. I congratulate Mr. Metho for bridging any gaps and misconceptions that exist between and among well-meaning Ethiopians.  Not only has articulated the plight of all Ethiopians under a fascistic dictatorship  but also those of his or our own Anuak brothers and sisters.

We are all in this together.
Best Regards, Daniel

Sent Monday, April 3, 2006 9:48 am
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject Thanks

Dear Brother Mr. Obang Metho
My heartfelt thanks to you sir for being an educator, human right activist, and diversity advocator above all peace loving Ethiopian.  I only witch we have hundreds like you in our country.  You are on the right truck and keep up the good work.  there are millions who support what you are doing and I am sure there will be millions more.

CPSM Lead Engineer

Sent Monday, April 3, 2006 10:28 am
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject Thank you

Dear Obang:
Thank you ever so much for your increadibly enlightening speach at the Advocacy Ethipia event last Friday.

Not only were you able to impart insightful messages, but your enthsiastic and fun personality sparked a renewed sense of appreciation for our future as a united people. I would encourage you to continue spreading your message with even greater zeal since I am confident you have the unique personality to bring people together. The best is ahead of us! With personal regards

Sent  Sunday, April 2, 2006 5:54 pm
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject We are proud

Mr.Obang Metho,
I have never knew about you until last week. Your  point of view about Ethiopia is very courageous and you deserve the utmost support.

We are one and the same Ethiopians. It is unfortunate we Ethiopians as a whole were not exposed to different cultures about our own. We were eager to know European history than knowing our own. You are one courageous man whom I see as a true Brother. We hope we will have a future Ethiopia which accepts all of us as an Ethiopian.Rather ,a country divided with Ethnic line. Meles has one mission as you know. He would like to stay in power as much as he can.He will use all his means to stay as long as he can. However, we have seen many dictators whom they have dug their own grave.

Tewolde H.

Sent Monday, April 3, 2006 11:54 pm
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject ** Radio Program Request for an interview

Dear Mr. Obang Metho,
My name is Meshesha Biru. I am the producer of "** Radio Program". The program is broadcast on AM 1390 WUHF in Washington, DC metropolitan area which includes part of Virginia and Maryland.

I am sending this email to invite you to appear on my radio program. As you have already known by now your testimony at the hearing and your speech at the "Free Ethiopia" event has touched many Ethiopians. I am one of those Ethiopians who cried with you when you cried at the hearing. What Ethiopia needs is a person like you. We have been ruled by vengeance for centuries. What we need now is to be merciful.

My Radio program is dedicated to bring civil discourse among Ethiopian of differing opinion and believes. My motto is "Mekebaber menegagerin; menegager medemametin; medemamet megbabatin; megbabat abro mesratin abro mesrat abro mebeltsegin yametal" The radio program is on the air every Saturday night at 10:00 PM Washington DC time. Currently ** Radio is the most popular radio program.


Sent Wednesday, April 5, 2006 0:25 am
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject Just to say hello and thank you

Good evening Mr. Metho
There are very few times in my life that something external to me has raised my spirit to a  higher level that I can not fully describe. One of those rare instances was when I was listening to you last week on March 28, during the Congressional hearing.

Sir, you are a gifted son of Ethiopia, and I am glad you are here with the rest of your brothers and sisters who are determined to remove tyranny from our land. I am very much aware of what happened in that appalling December day in Gambella. I read about it with a heavy heart, but like so many other instances I was unable to do much about it. The people of Anuak now have you as their lawyer, and us as your supporter. With you as its proponent we will make your fight our fight, and I know you have already said you will make our fight your own.

Sir, these are words our tyrants never thought they will ever hear. Well, they guessed wrong. We just got started with our peaceful struggle and we are already shaking the ground our tyrants are standing on. We need to continue this fight, we need to pool our resources and we will win for our people in the south, our people in the north, our people in the center, the east as well as the west. Maybe this is what it takes to makes us pull together, but I believe we are at the point of no return now.

I am glad you are here, may God bless you and guide you.
With Best Regard.

Sent Thursday, April 6, 2006 3:57 am
To Gambella Development Agency gda3@sasktel.net
Subject Re: I did my best

Dear Obang,
Congratulations on a fine and moving testimony!
Best wishes,

Sent Tuesday, April 4, 2006 6:07 am
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject Greetings and words of appreciation

Dear Mr. Obang O. Metho,
I red your speech of March 31, 2006 on the web and confirmed that there are millions of humane people that other millions ignored and undermined because of their own thinking problems. You have touched a lot of mind searching and very encouraging issues that we Ethiopians as a nation should embrace and follow as philosophical guideline. You also forced those leaders who only use ethnic politics as lack of other human developmental and peace nurturing principles of living together as sons and doubters of a single mother.

I am beside you and would like to advocate your words.

Let God help us all and grant our children a freedom from slavery imposed by our own distorted mind-set about each other which served and his regime as leverage to rule us.


Sent Tuesday, April 4, 2006 8:47 am
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject Thank You !

Mr. Obang Metho,
My name is Kume Tilahun. I wrote this email to you just to say thank you. I watched your testimony before the sub committee of USA congress and I read your speech for advocacy Ethiopia online. We need someone courage like you to tell the truth. I felt good because our Ethiopian Anuak brothers’ blood that was massacred by meles regim is not in vain. As you said the only way we set free is only when we come together as an Ethiopian than other our ethnic identity. This is the time to forgive each other and say no to meles divide and rule ethinc dictator ship. Keep up you courage and you truth telling for the world what is going on in beloved country Ethiopia.

Thanks again

Sent Tuesday, April 4, 2006 12:37 pm
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject Thanks for your speeches

Dear Mr. Metho,
I watched your testimony to the Congressional sub-committee and I've read the speech you made during the Advocacy Ethiopia event last Friday.

I am impressed by your sincerity, candor, and human sensitivity. Needless to say, a man in your position, being part of a small minority ethnic group which has been a victim of genocide, having faced social discrimination and marginalization because of your ethnicity, could have easily wallowed in bitterness.

Instead, you have risen above that, become aware of the human situation, and have shown forgivenes and acceptance. You are an example for all of us.

A fellow Ethiopian-Canadian from Ottawa

Sent Tuesday, April 4, 2006 1:53 pm
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Yager Lij

Ato Obang,
I was privileged to listen you speak at the advocacy Ethiopia event last Friday night. I have never been that much proud of a fellow Ethiopian as I was proud of you that night. I really regret that I didn't get a chance to shake your hand. (I hope, one day I will.) I wish we all were like you. I hope you know that so many of us believe that we Ethiopians and Ethiopia have found you to be the best and the brightest amongest us. Berta!!!!!


Sent  Tuesday, April 4, 2006 4:08 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Ethiopia Dear Mr. Obang Metho,

Dear brother,
Thank you so much for your historical speech on March 31, 2006! We certainly need many Mandelas to free our Ethiopia. I am happy and proud to count you as one of them.

God bless you


Subject: Thank you  
Sent: 04 Apr '06 19:13

This short email is to thank Ato Obang Metho for what he is doing.  I watched online the testimony you gave to the subcommittee at the US Congress and thank you for being a voice for the voiceless.  Please keep up  the great work you are doing.  May God be with you where ever you go and  bless your work.

Fellow Ethiopian

Sent  Tuesday, April 4, 2006 10:31 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  wondim Obang

Selam ato Obang,
I read an article you wrote at Ethiomedia website. I am honestly touched and impressed. I would like to talk to you and share what we can do together. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. Please call me and also reply to this email with your contact information.

Your brother,

Sent  Monday, April 3, 2006 9:41 am
To  Obang Metho <advocacy@anuakjustice.org
Subject  The beautiful Garden

Dear Mr. Obang Metho,
The flower from the west that you just have carried to the public square has began to make up the complexity that will enhance the beauty of our garden. So let's all go home, brew the coffee and start reaching out! May the Lord bless all the flowers of the different colors and hues!!!!

E. Ibrahim  

Date  Mon, 03 Apr 2006 15:36:48 -0400
To  "'info@anuakjustice.org'" <info@anuakjustice.org>

Ato Obang,
Thank you! I read your speech and was profoundly touched by what you had to say. I also read the testimony that you gave to the house comity. I was also wondering from time to time what had happened to the "investigation" of the Anuak killings. What we need is statesmanship, I believe that is what I discern from your speech. Always, stay above the fray and may god help us to bring forth people like you with  determination to build a better future for all of us.


Subject: from Japan  
Sent: 03 Apr '06 00:40

Dear Mr. Obong  
I was very proud of your performance at  the hearing in Washington. You made me aware of the great injustice that has  been done in the past and now. I wanted to translated that document you presented into Japanese and put it on my website at [LINK: http://ethiopiajinken.com/] http://ethiopiajinken.com/

By the way,I also saw the letter of prayer  you wrote to Bethel students on the net. I went to Bethel myself in the early  80s.

Ke akbrot

Sent  Monday, April 3, 2006 2:34 pm
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Keep it up brother

Dear Ato Obang:
I have been lately following your blessed works around the glob to become voice for the voiceless. I should be honest with you that I have been touched by your testimony before the Congressional Committee and your later statement to Ethiopians in Washington like I have never been impressed before.  I am really proud of you brother.

The woyane thugs are killing our people and destroying our country. They only care about  its resources and not its peoples. Please continue to be the agent of truth, and preach about the unity of ethiopian peoples based on respect for each other; as you said, unless we are united we cannot face the evil.

I am a professional (a university teacher) in Addis Ababa. Hope we will meet in person when this evil is removed by our struggle.


Sent  Monday, April 3, 2006 1:39 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  One Ethiopia 4 ever

How are Mr. Obang Metho? My name is Abel Desalegn. I am a student at Montgomery College. I am sending you this letter to let you know that I read your Essay and I totally feel the pain that we and the rest of my Ethiopian people going through. There fore, I just want to say that let us fight for our freedom with unity and love. And I will assure you that we (me , you and our people) will win the fight soon or letter. Keep up the fight for our freedom and may God Bliss One Ethiopia.

Sent  Monday, April 3, 2006 12:15 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Greetings from Assegid VA USA

Mr. Obang,
I am proud of who you are, what you have in your soul and spirit. I feel it and sense it. I have attended the hearing and exited about your performance that day. I just finished reading your speech at Advocacy Ethiopia, DC and provoked to drop you a couple of statements that will tell you that you have many followers who sympathize your vision for our country of different ethnic group, multitude languages and dialects.

Believe me, many young guys like me are inclusive and strive to have a united and prosperous Ethiopia under one umbrella so that we will have both comparative and competitive advantage within Africa and the world

God bless you!
Assegid W.
VA, Manassas

Sent  Monday, April 3, 2006 12:07 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank You Letter

Dear Obang,
Thanks for the great work. You are indeed a treasure to Ethiopia and to the Anuak people in particular. Our people have been waiting for people like you who are bold enough to say it, kind enough to embrace others and strong enough to stand still. Indeed the walk to democracy is always tiring. There are no short cuts. We need to make a choice, and a difficult one, either to learn to live in harmony with each other in a free society, sharing our views and opinions that will improve our society in term of freedom and justice for all or, each will dig their own graves.   Referring to the human kind, Yolanda King stated, "There is only less than one percent difference in our DNA irregardless of our color, race, religion, and sex". In addition, she continued to say, "We are more alike than an unalike".

However, the problem is that, the less than 1percent difference is the cause of all  human problems. Less than one percent made Hitler wipe out the Jews, that less than one percent causes the genocide in Rwanda, that less than one percent made some people think that they are better than others are, that less than one percent difference triggered the December 13, 2003 atrocity against the Anuaks people. Indeed, it is that slight difference which  causes many killings in other parts of Ethiopia and the world.  The government has tried its best to widen that gap, increasing our national difference to more than 50% percent and it has succeeded in that. It has succeeded to convince Ethiopians that some of them are good and others are bad, that the loyalist are good and the opposition is bad, Melees has convinced the world that standing against his opinion is a treason. I don’s want to say more because your address to Ethiopia advocacy and the passionate testimony said it all. The biggest question is whether we are willing to bridge the rift. Are we willing to embrace ourselves? 

Thanks you very
Ojoye Akane            
(Student) Minnesota State University, Mankato (USA).

Sent  Monday, April 3, 2006 10:28 am
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you

Dear Obang:

Thank you ever so much for your increadibly enlightening speach at the Advocacy Ethipia event last Friday.

Not only were you able to impart insightful messages, but your enthsiastic and fun personality sparked a renewed sense of appreciation for our future as a united people. I would encourage you to continue spreading your message with even greater zeal since I am confident you have the unique personality to bring people together.

The best is ahead of us!
With personal regards

Sent  Sunday, April 2, 2006 3:04 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject    Dear Obang,

I was moved with the testimony you gave at the Congressional hearing on Ethiopia. And just now, I read the speech you delivered at the "Free Ethiopia" event. I must say, you are one Ethiopian that make all of us appreciate the beauty of being an Ethiopian, and the necessity to recognize and respect our oneness.

Although it has been many years since I realized the validity of the points that you are making, we have to accept and care for each other, to hear you say it so forcefully and eloquently has reinforced my commitment for mutual respect and love for all humanbeings.

During mid 1980s I had the privilege of living among the Anuak people for few months. I was a university student who was sent there (tata zuria, pungido?) to help build houses for re-settlers. One of the things I earned there was how loving and proud the Anuak people are. I have been telling many Ethiopians and others about what I witnessed on how proud the people are.

I live in Ottawa, Canada and hope that you will be able to visit Canada and share with us your passion for protecting Ethiopia and Ethiopianess.


Sent  Sunday, April 2, 2006 12:12 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you and God bless you

Dear wondime Obang:
I read and read your speech online. I will read and read it forever and I will encourage family members, friends and others to read it. Look at the power full words of you which are haunting me at home, work and even during sleep. They are the words of God himself both in the Bible or Koran.

"We must embrace members from different religious and ethnic backgrounds. We must bring all the “flowers of various colors and hues” to the public square where their complexities will enhance the beauty of our garden."

"Like the water entering the Blue Nile, it does not come from one source, but from all over Ethiopia, from its small ravines, from the hills and from the mountains, joining together as a powerful river that nourishes those even outside of Ethiopia as it makes its way to the sea; like the numerous veins in our bodies that carry our blood to our hearts. We need to remind ourselves that all of us have the same goal and need to work together to achieve it. We may need to give up something that may be important to us. We must also have to accept something that once was unimportant to us. "

You have challenged all of us to re-examine ourselves. No one until know convinced me to make attitude changes but you. My outlook towards my fellow Ethiopians or any other human being is now totally transformed. We were deeply sad on what happened to our Anuak brothers years ago. However, as you mentioned it, we did not stand with you.  Lost of us are feeling guilty and remorse at this point. We apologize for that.

We will stand for you as you are standing for us. No doubt,  I will sing your theory of " the beauty of various flowers in a garden" and "waters making the Blue Nile" for ever and ever. Obang, thank you and god bless you!


Sent  Friday, March 31, 2006 0:58 am
To  Gambella Development Agency <gda3@sasktel.net
Subject  Re: Greetings & appreciation

Thanks for the information and it is appreciated. This is what I like it was broadcasted through VOA in Amharic and many Ethiopian specially Anywaks were very happy.

Omot from Gambella  

Subject: Hello Brave People of Anuak!!!
Sent: 31 Mar '06 07:40

Hello Dears,
I am very proud of Mr. Obang being he is an Ethiopian. Something from my deepest hert push me to write this mail if it would express my respect to Mr Obang and the Anuak people after he presents a concrete and sharp evidence more than any one else, in his testimony before the committe.I really ashamed of considering my self as pro-Ethiopian without the awareness and sharing the pains of the sufferage of our Anuak brothers and sisters. Now on wards I am aside of the struggle of the marvelous Anuak people.

May God bless the Anuak people in particular and the Ethiopian people in general!!!

Regards, Zelalem

Sent  Sunday, April 2, 2006 10:05 am
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you Mr. OBANG ...Ethiopia needs you,

Dear Mr. Obang O. Metho,
I read the speech you gave during Free Ethiopia event  and I can not find words to express my respect and appreciation for you. I simply say that  you are one in a billion!!!!  Please continue to speak out on behalf of the oppressed , teach, inspire and bring us together. Ethiopia needs you, this world needs more people like you.

I will  be happy  to help your cause in any way I can.


PhD Assistant professor of Biochemistry/Chemistry
MVS University
Itta Bena

Sent  Sunday, April 2, 2006 7:13 am
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  appreciation  

Hei  Dear Obang O. Metho
I have read both the speeches you delivered to the African Subcommittee and the Ethiopians in Diaspora(America).Words cannot express my satisfaction and greatfulness.What a wonderful speech.I didnot know that We have determined Ethiopian brothers who calls for celebrating our colourful diversity,and for reconcilliation ,respect and tolerance among the diverse religious and ethnic groups.It is really the right time for we Ethiopians to strengthen our brotherhood and sisterhood,build on our strngth and unity,as a nation,and to stand for democracy and equality in a time where our country is under attack from the ruthless,corrupt,sahort-sighted and self-servicing EPRDF Regime.we should stand against the divide and rule pilicy of Woyane or any party. What you did is a grat job.

May God brak the heart ofthose who stand pro-Woyane to see the truth and join the  struggle for democracy,equality and freedom.

May God bless you and your work.

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 9:41 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you Obang!!

Dear Obang,
Please accept my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your message at the Ethiopian advocacy forum in Washington. I would also like to extend my admiration for the courage you showed at the Senate hearing to expose the brutal deeds of the Meles regime against the people of Ethiopia. As a highlander Ethiopian, I feel shame that the Anuak (and other ethnic minorities) have been marginalised throughout Ethiopian history. It is high time we owned up to our ignominious past.

It amazes me to see that you didnÂ’t allow the injustices and discrimination against the Anuak to poison your heart. You have maintained your sanity and come out with a message of peace, love and reconciliation. You are indeed one of the true sons of Ethiopia! You are carrying a message of deliverance for the whole country.

I am proud of you!  I urge you to continue your struggle.

God Bless!

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 8:36 pm
Subject  Appreciation

Dear Mr. Obang!
I just finished reading the speech that you made last night at the Marriot. I really loved it and wished I was there to see you in person. My dear brother, I feel your pain and suffering in the hands of tyrants as well as some ignorant who has no idea as to who qualifies to be an Ethiopian. As you have rightly put it; we need to ask ourselves what the life of our children would looks like and how we are going to build a more tolerant society. By the will of God one day we will all live together in peace and love. Please keep up the good work, I will do what ever I can to help the struggle against any form of violence and discrimination.  


Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 7:31 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you so much

My Dear Mr. Obang,
May I say that you have nourished my soul with fruits of thoughtfulness.  What a gentle man!  I live in San Diego, California.  My wife flew 5 hours to Washington, DC over the weekend to attend a fund raising organized by the "Advocacy Ethiopia." She couldn't wait to get home to tell me about your speech to the group.  After listening to her admiration of your speech, I went on line and read the whole text. I must say that you are not only gifted in the art of writing, it shows it is from your heart.  It is not a political statement, but a statement of principle that draws people together.  We need leaders like you to rise up among every community and help our Ethiopia survive this tide of darkness.  If you ever come to California, I extend my invitation to have coffee at my house. We will place the cups in a circle and invite our neighbors to celebrate our humanity.


Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 4:38 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Hello Dear

Dear Obang Metho,
I really proud of you.Thank you for your long sighted and visionary outlook. You take out most of us from the ignorance embolden us.Your advocacy in this regard is more timely and please keep such good efforts my brother.

Sincerely Yours,
Zelalem (A University student)

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 4:29 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  you are the greatest

Dear, obang metho
I will start by quationing you a quation?...Do you have any moment that you can remember in your life that some one told you some thing that you want to say from the bottom of your heart ,but don't have enough word or don't know how to put them together or some one felt your pain? OK  mine was today when i read your speech.let me say something about my self .even though i born and grow up in addis my parent are from amhara ethnic group.there is not a sigle day that i think or believe that anuak people are not ethiopian, i know there are some arogant ethiopians think some thing stupid ,well those are stupid any way . but we ethiopians felt your pain there was not a single word that you say was wrong in your speech, you touch so many people.

I TELL YOU THIS ..NO ONE ,NO ONE , NOT EVEN A SINGLE  PERSON ..in my life have ever speak and felt my pain like you do.i admire you so much .please keep up a good work .the truth will revail one day about weyane..you are my heroe....and yo u are the greatest.

columbus, ohio

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 2:44 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you

Dear Obang;
Sorry for addressing you by your first name. I just want to be closer. I listened to you in the Congressional hearing and I admire you greatly for your stand. Having been affected directly by the brutality of our government, I would not blaming you if you went out for a shooting spray. Instead you chose the right thing to do...to reconcile with the very people massacred your people.

I am ashamed of myself for not doing anything. Yes, I read about the unbelievable killing that took place in the last five years in Gambela region. Even though, I was deeply saddened by what happened, I failed to go out and demonstrate like I did recently. I did not contact any congressman or woman. I hope you forgive me for not standing by you in the time of your cry.

I believe in one thing. Whether we like it or not, we all are responsible for what is not working. Like you said we must reach out for one another in order to make it work.

Finally, I want to say that the road ahead of you is not going to be smooth, and the very people that you are trying to help and reach might be hard to be helped and reached. I hope that our country will be a country to be proud of and one day we all go back and help change the life of our beloved people.


Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 1:39 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Greetings from the Debteraw Team

Dear brother Obang Metho,
Words can not express how much we are touched and proud of your testimonies at the hearing of HR4423.  Simple Thank you!  As correctly said it let us stand together and save our people & country.  Good bless Ethiopia & its people.

With regards
The Debteraw Team

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 1:19 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Mr. Obang Metho's speech in Washington D. C

Dear brother Obang,
I am deeply touched in reading your speech that you delivered on March 31st to the Ethipoian Advocacy group in Washington D.C. Thank you for your courage and forthrightness in addressing some of the ills we are facing, misconceptions and prejudices and distorted feelings we all harbor. The truth may heart and be painful but I believe that is the only way to heal. Your balanced view, fairness and above all your attitude of not feeling victimized and wanting to inflict retribution is something fresh and hearthening. I am very proud of you. PLease keep up the good work. Ethiopia needs leaders like you who are forsighted and believe in the bigger tent. There is no need for the blame game and denials but to recognize the problems and issues and addressed in a fair and emocratice way. here is definitely a great need for education, not only among the old but with young generation too regarding equality and respect for fellow human beings.

God Bless,
With brotherly love,

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 1:12 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank you for your work

Hi Mr.Obang Metho
My name is kenean Mergia. What makes me to write this latter is that your presentation at the U S House Hearing opened my eyes. As Ethiopian, i heard the horrible news about Anuak mass killing. I really felt deeply sad about it. Your presentation makes me so happy to hear that those people never  ever been forgotten. I really like to thank you for that. I believe that we need to work hard to bring unity, peace and love to one another. I love all our people, i  believe that all human being need to care to one another disregard our differences. Our differences have to make us to love each other, not to hate.

Thank you for your time to read this latter and as you see my English not that good.

Peace and love  to all mankind

Sent  Saturday, April 1, 2006 12:48 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Memo to Mr. Obang

Hi Mr. Obang O. Metho,
I'm your Ethiopian brother. I read as well as watch your testimony you made on capital hill. I was really touched and was in tears. I had a chance to visit Gamela when I made field trip i.e. I used to work in water resource develpoment department backhome. They are the nicest people I ever meet. 

God bless you for standing  for innocent and voiceless people. Let me know if there is anything that I can do.

Degafe T

Sent  Friday, March 31, 2006 7:40 am
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Appreciation

This is a support and appreciation note to the great work by Mr. Obang Metho, Director of International Advocacy, Anuak Justice Council at the hearing on "Ethiopia's Troubled Internal Situation”, HR 4423, Mar. 28, 2006.

I was deeply touched by the message he passed on the day. I was almost exploding with tears. I am very ashamed of myself for not feeling the pain the Anuak people has suffered upto now. I would like to express my great appreciation to Mr. Obang Metho for his fluent and clear explanation of the matter. He has made sure that every Ethiopian who has heared this hearing will never forget the suffering of the Anuak people.

May God give him the health and strength to pursue his struggle for the justice of the Anuak people. He gave a big lesson to humanity.

With best regards

Sent  Thursday, March 30, 2006 5:34 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  What a Nice Speach......

We all Ethiopian people proud of Mr. Obang O. Metho's speech. I can truly say that his speech is the most touchy speech I ever heard. I believe that the Ethiopia people also touched by your speech. You are not only the hero of the Anuak people but also the hero of Ethiopian people. I believe that one day you will make the difference on the lives of all the Ethiopia people. And I promise we all will be with you in any time. I am more than willing to support you in any direction.


To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject: wonderful testimony
Sent: 29 Mar '06 01:23

On behalf of [LINK: http://ethiopianpolitics.blogspot.com/] EthiopianPolitics and our readers I would like to thank Mr. Obang O. Metho for his wonderful testimony. We are ready and willing to work with you hand in hand to bring justice and peace to all Ethiopian citizens.

God bless you, and let us know if in any way we can  assist. Executive editor,


Sent  Tuesday, March 28, 2006 4:05 pm
To  advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Thank You Mr. Obang

Dear Mr. Obang,
Your testimony at the hearing on EthiopiaÂ’s Troubled Internal Situation was so moving, full of facts, filled with passion and you proved to be the voice of the voiceless. thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Sir. I very much hope that your presentation of facts will help the blind supporters of Woyane like Donald Payne (sorry that is my understanding) reconsider their position.

Thank you again


Sent Tuesday, March 28, 2006 4:05 pm
To advocacy@anuakjustice.org 
Subject  Dear Mr. Obang dear

Mr. Obang Metho
I saw your testimony live on tv a week ago and i am deeply touched and proud at the same time as an ethiopian for what and how an ethiopian describe vividly the current situation in ethiopia. i am an ethiopian and i feel your pain. just like you told the house representatives and the rest of the world woyane and meles is terorizing the ethiopian people, i was saying today is my happiest day of my life. ethiopia needs people like you who would take a risk on their life for the existence of democracy and exposing the true feature of evil, and you perfectly did that. sir, i sympathize and deeply feel your pain and anger. ethiopians should stop differentiating eachother by color and by tribe and fight the common enemy that declared itself as enemy of the people of ethiopia from the start. you should be proud of yourself and thankful for being born as an Agnuak who are always known by many ethiopians as peace loving proud ethiopian people. keep your spirit up, sir. light at the e nd of the tunnel is always there. God shall prevail and ethiopians will too.

philadelphia, pa, usa

Sent  Thursday, March 30, 2006 5:26 pm
To  gda2@saskel.net 
Subject  Much respect

Gashe Metho,              
I am proud of you. It is not only me, but also millions of Ethiopians. Keep struggling until we see justice. I just mail you to say thank you. It isn't because I am Anuak. I am Gondare whom you are struggling for. I cry when you cry. I cry for the people of Anjuak. Of course you are not begging them, just challenging them for the sake of truth. Let them know it, if not the people of Ethiopia pay the ultimate sacrifice for justice.

I was thinking if you are the next president or prime minister of Ethiopia, that may solve their dirty ethnic politics.





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