The Gross Crime Committed against Humanity in the Presence of the  United Nations.

By Lero Odola*

March 03, 2006 - It has been a nature of the UN to stand by observing the killing of innocent people around the world without intervening. It is unimaginable and more than frustrating for such things to happen always when the UN forces and reporters are just there watching the situation .The so-called UN records overwhelmingly show its imbalance and the great incapacity of not doing its best job as anticipated by the desperately deprived people. The vast majority of people around the planet may not agree unanimously with what I am about to cite in this writing. Why? Because the truth hurts, and not every body has enough time or be patient enough to analyze, evaluate, judge these events.

With my full respect to those who will oppose me, I do understand that they may have their own reservations on the mentioned man-made tragedies phenomenon. It could be essential for them to fully understand too why I have to say this. However, for those who have gone through it, or might have some individual experiences of these occurrences, it could be notable and painful facts for them. Most of the coarse crimes against humanity, which have been committed indirectly or directly, have been within attention of United Nations.

Gambella Over View

There are two types of Human right abuses going on. Reported and unreported crimes, the UN is aware of both. Unfortunately there is no any crucial lesson learnt from all these crime against humanity reported either to prevent them or to make solid approach to avoid them form reoccurring. Reported massacres occurred most likely in the presence of mass media in that region. And unreported massive crime continued behind close doors, because of the lack of media to tell the world. The UN has access to most of them in various ways. Note that the UN was there usually most of the time watching the killings happening but doing nothing. Thus, the UN must be part in the execution of other countries policies having desire and keen intent to eliminate its own people for specific reason like competition for control in government or some other reason. For example, the 1994 Rwanda genocide, the loss of lives in the long civil war of Angola, the Serbia civil war and the South-North Sudan longest African civil war are few examples in which the UN could have helped. In the Sudan the gross human rights violations by the Sudanese (INF) regime against Christians in the South, Nuba mountains, Southern Blue Nile (Anggasana) , the unreported Sudanese Anuaks of Akobo slaughter in 1963 -1980-1983 by both the Sudanese government and the armed tribal groups supported by former Autonomous High Executive Council for the South Sudan [manipulated by the Sudan Government], and the mass murder against Anuaks in Itang and Piny-Udo in 1989 by wars lords [manipulated by the Ethiopian Government], and the ongoing selective and random Gambella's genocide against indigenous Anuaks beginning in 2003 to present committed by the Ethiopian troops, the Darfur atrocities committed by Sudanese (INF) regime and subsequently the Cairo 2005 massacre of Sudanese are most recent crimes some of which are reported and some remain unreported as those governments involved suppress the media down.

The tremendous genuine profession the UN has been doing tirelessly is digging mass graves for the dead victims and distributions of the food and the no- food items to the perpetrators. The mentioned events and others are compelling evidence to show gross weakness of the UN. The UN has failed to protect the innocent but praise the strong. The UN's future is looming with widespread fear, mistrust, and disrespect among those who have been relying on its temporary unsatisfactory services. The huge question that may remains unanswered is that: does the UN favor wars to continue to keep is offices running. Why is this organization afraid of war criminals and leaders who have been involved in committing the atrocities against innocent people? Is there any motive for the UN not to authorize own forces to clam down the machineries of injustices? Death is happening in Darfur everyday. The UN is there. South Sudanese were killed in cold blood in Egypt by the Egyptian government. The UN was there in its various forms. Some ethnic groups in this world have experienced huge amount of organized crime against humanity. These criminal acts have exceeded the eight steps of genocide and beyond as has been defined by both the human right watch and genocide watch. Among these tribes are the Anuak ethnic group in East Africa who live in artificial man-made border between Ethiopia and Sudan [in GAMBELLA region in Ethiopia and AKOBO and POCHALLA Counties in Southern Sudan]. They have been subjected to systematic human rights violation .To verify the accuracy of this claim please visit websites of and The in-depth classified materials, containing the well done job by the both organizations about the Gambella and Rwanda genocide are available there.

I like to dwell more on the Anyuak case. The message here to the Human Right Watch, Genocide Watch, ICC, EU, UK, AU, US, US Department of International Crisis Respond Groups, Amnesty International, and all peace lovers of any nation to be alert and responsive even to a phone call any time from any group or individual reporting any massacre of the innocent [especially the Anuak people]. Anuak live in remote area where there is no media outlet to report their daily problems. The Anuak can't afford another man-made intentional atrocities. What they desperately need is to be rescued and get special protection and attention from the peace loving nations. Kofi Annan can not come up again with another regret and disgraceful report as he did in the case of Rwanda. General Koffi Annan, admitted that they could have saved lives in Rwanda genocide if the UN had alerted the international community at the time of the crime. If no care taken, similarly the Anuaks will be wiped out very soon by the hostile neighboring armed gang tribes sponsored by unrealistic and unfair government[s] who have never provided any protection except for the organized killing to continue. Anuak only glimpse of hope from the creator for them to exist in this gloomy world.

Overall, the UN has failed to execute its mandate to protect the oppressed and the poor of the world.

* Lero Odola is student at Minnesota State University, e-mail:

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