Response # 1

By Ojoye Akane
March 22, 2006


Dear Ojoch

Thanks for responding to those made-up stories but I am worried about what the future holds for Nuers, a society of no wisdom, no corrections, no criticism, and shame. I believe people like Kong J Tong should be teachers in Nuer society, and should not support the past wrongs and mistakes. How many Nuers have died because of wrong philosophy imprinted on minds by their so-called elites? How many destructions they have caused in both Sudan and Ethiopia. And how long do they think this will continue?.I beleive, not very long they eyees of  governments will be on the trouble making tribe and Nuers may pay the biggest price. Therefore, I appeal to Nuers to reject wrong assumptions and start correcting their past mistakes.

The main tool that Nuer elites use to woo their laymen is to justify anything they do and make it right. For example, justifying Nuers aggression and inhumane treatment of Anuaks in the name of diversity, right and heroism is a damn mistake. I think God knows that man is not a highland and that is why He put Anuaks with other tribes namely: Opo, Komo, Ojang, Dhuok and highlanders in one country.

Gambella does not need to be diversified by bloodthirsty tribe like Nuer. The only time when there is a unity of diversity is when there is harmony, peace and tranquility. I do not even believe that Nuers can cohabit peacefully with other tribes whether in the Sudan or Ethiopia because they are behind the century. The still believe in the politics of “invasion” which ceased to exist years ago. One pastor even confessed that during a memorial services a year ago in Nairobi “We like war, If we don’t have somebody to fight with, we fight ourselves”. I was even shocked to hear a pastor making jokes about that when he is supposed to preach against it. I believe Nuers will soon reach to the dead end so they should they should start reversing.

Mr. Ojoye Akane is student at Minnesota State University in Mankato, can be reach at





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