Response # 1

From: Benjamin A Machar
Sent: Tue 4/18/2006 5:41 PM
To: Onyon, Jobi O. []
Subject: Thank for the Article:The Current wave of Nuer migration

 Dear Obang Ojwok Jobi,

 Thank you so very much man for the article you have precisely and concisely written. In fact, that's what we (southern Sudanese educators) would like to convey to the public. You have precisely got the point right away. Thank you for not shying away to claim the Anyuak people rights to their land. We know, rule, law, and order means different things to Nuer. In fact, it will takes the Nuer people some times in the southern Sudanese history to learn law, in order to relent from the old ways of behaving. Indeed, many Nuer scholars shy away from reading about Evan Prichard, Sharon Hutchinson, and other leading scholars who have had written intensive literatures about Nuer culture of violence and chauvanistic way of life.

In fact, our brothers see the CPA differently from the rest of the southern Sudanese. In fact, the CPA is threat to the Nuer culture of violence and state of lawless, which has been nourished and propagated with the NIF proxy ideology. Hence, it was a betrayal for Matiep to join the SPLA/M in the eyes of Nuer multitudes. On the other hand, it was a self glorification for the same Nuer intellectuals to allow the Sudanese government to controll oil fields in Bentiu in 1998. Hope to hear from you soon. Keep it up because you have masses reading your writing.







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