Response # 1

From: Dawit Aberru
Sent: Fri 7/28/2006 5:03 AM
To: Onyon, Jobi O. []
Subject: Appreciation for your analysis

Dear Brother Obang Jobi,

I read your recent article regarding Ethiopian politics and the perils of ethnicity-centered approach by the current government with great interest.

I am very pleased to see your excellent analysis as I hope would many Ethiopians and other African brothers and sisters. I am paticularly impressed on your clearly deep understanding of the omnious threat ethnicity-based politics poses to the unity of peoples in African countries, not to mention the ugliest manifestation of its true nature in the regrettable Rwandan debacle.

Unfortunately, as you seem to perfectly understand, the current leaders of Ethiopia are the most ardent proponents of this vitriolic insanity, ultimately leading this beacon of unity to its demise. The reason they deliberately and openly propagate such malice as ethnic hatered is nothing other than their lack of any other agenda to rally a certain portion of the people behind them. In order to clinging in power, they must continue to poison our innoncence and fan flames of hatered by even talking about some strife that took place more than a century ago.

Amazingly, that was exactly what the Italians did in their quest to subjugate Ethiopia and avoid a unified resistance against their colonial adventurism. But they were not Ethiopians.

What makes the whole current Ethiopian scinario utterly incomprehensible is the fact that the most avowed (may be even more than Fascist Italy itself) advocates of ethnicity and ethnic hatred are Ethiopians.

Thank you dear brother Obang for your interest in addressing our pain and for your excellent perspective.

I wish you all the best in your graduate studies.

NB: I know it doesn't matter (because you are a fellow African any way), but are you by any chance Ghanian?

Yours truly,
Dawit Aberru
An Ethiopian






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