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From: Dawit Aberru
Sent: Fri 7/28/2006 8:33 PM
To: Onyon, Jobi O. []
Subject: Good to know that my dear compatriot

Dear Obang!

It is so nice to know that you are an Ethiopian. Especially in light of the Government orchastrated ethnic strife in Gambella, (indeed I believe it is genocide in every sense of the word),  I understand and share the concern each and every one of us should have in the unfotunate trend contrived by these evil doers who are working day and night to destroy us all - or more appropriately, make us destroy each other. 

Any way, I am pleased, as I told you, to see that you are doing your post-graduate studies in the U.S. I always feel a sense of pride every time I see an Ethiopian studying in higher institutions in the U.S., Europe, or Australia. I tend to take that as an indication of our revival. What ever time we were forced to unnecessarily waste, we will catch up and and show the world that we are not as backward as they seem to like to think of us after all. Keep up the good work dear Obang and even if you may not know it, you will keep to be an inspiration for other young people in Ethiopia. Which department are you enrolled in?

By the way, the reason I asked if you were a Ghanian is that I had a friend who had come to do a short course in journalism in Melbourne whose name is Jobdall Obono. So it is exhilerating - even more so, to know that you indeed are my fellow country man.

I would really appreciate it if you could every now and then send me a copy of the articles you post. Your perspective is uniquely interesting.

If in case you are interested, I sometimes write poems and I have taken the liberty of sending you one which was posted on some web sites about a year ago. Click here to read it!

Thanks again, Obang, and my best wishes in all your endeavors.

Yours truly






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