Response # 2

March 23, 2006


Dear Mr. J. Ojoch,

Good morning? My name is Peter Chuol Biel Badeang. I am a Nuer from Latjor State. I would like to say thank you very much for your recent article about the Nuer monopolizing Anuak land. First of all, I would like to say that I have enjoy reading your article at its entirely although I completely disagree with some of your points.

However, I must add that we the Nuer and Anuak are brothers. Therefore, we must learn how to live together as one family. Why am I saying this?  Because Anuak and the Nuer are sharing two borders; the border of Ethiopia and that of Southern Sudan. In my opinion, unless the two tribes learn a new ways to live life together on their own I believe no government of any form will teaches them to behave themselves as some may think.

Reason why? I believe those governments will always have an Anuak leaders in them and likewise the Nuer will always be present in those governments as well.  As I have mention above that I am Nuer from the Latjor State, personally I love Anuak. I must learn to live together with Anuak whether I like them or not, therefore, I must learn to love them as a part of family without any question. I believe it is likewise for Anuak individuals.
In conclusion, your points are well taken by me. But, I must tell you that the killing of Anuak tribe by Dinka was not a calculated act of the Nuer politicians from the Nasir faction as you have put it my brother. Why? Beacuse Dinka were acting alone against the Anuak people. I hope you will also agree with me in that because when Dinka torture the Topusa tribe, Acholi, the Zude, the Nuer of Gajaak, and other which I may not mention at this friendly e-mail was not a calculated act by the Nuer politicians too.

Anyway, this is not a debate between me and you. But, I really love to receive a feed back from you my brother if you don't mind. Because long times ago I have many Anuak friends in the Sudan as well as in the SPLA/M. May be I will be able to be connected with them once again since you seem well connected to the Anuak Community worldwide.

Thank you very dearly.

Truly Yours,

Peter C. Biel in Omaha, Nebraska
can be reach at





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