Reply to Response # 2

March 23, 2006


Peter, Good to hear from you.

You have the right of personal opinion. I hope you understood the article well when you expressed yourself. The Nuer are human and so I do not hate them for being human. Their way of making peace is NOT right.

Look at these two things:

  1. The intillectuals want migration to continue because grandfathers did it.
  2. Anyuak do not understand diversity [after losing land].

Do you, as an educated man from "Latjor State", approve these things? Do you want to migrate while dressed in suit and tie with a brief case in hand while driving cattle and goats into the Anyuak territory? Look at that picture. Is it a civilized way?

The Cieng Nyajaani are wandering from place to place because of feud. No Nuer clan accommodates them. You want the Anyuak to give them land for diversity to flourish. Is that logical?

My friend, the Nuer do not want to make peace the way whole world does it. Making peace means stop doing the bad thing. Apologize for having done it. Then sit down and make peace, and not revert to doing the bad thing.

My article says, the Nuer should stop unnecessary movement to where they are not welcome. The Nuer do not lack land or water or fish.

If the Nuer intellectuals still think of the old ways to win, then something is wrong. Take a bit of time and look around. How many tribes in the Southern Sudan have peace with Nuer? How many in Ethiopia have peace with Nuer? Perhaps the only group that cooperates with the Nuer are the Arabs because they use the Nuer to disturb peace and the CPA. Similarly, the highlanders in Ethiopia have their motive for which to use the Nuer, and that to initiate border conflicts. If that is good, fine. After all, the SSDF has declared independence from the GoSS to form something different. You never know if De Chand is not causing more and more trouble for the Nuer.

The Anyuak massacre at Piny-Udo was indeed a creation of the Nasir faction.  It may be beyond your understanding to comprehend or you just simply refuse to reckon with it.

Thank you for your opinions.

J. Ojoch




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