Response to SSDF Press Release

By Luka Drane Logoye
Posted to the web on 23 March 2006



Our brother Prof.De Chan seems to be ill. His utterances qualify him to be taken to the hospital. I knew this man when they came to Khartoum with those of our late brothers like Dr. Thomas, Gany Chol, etc. Prof. de Chan appeared to be sound then.

He knows as well as I know that if it was not the SPLA/M efforts Khartoum and Pachoda Peace Agreements could have not been possible for the NIF's regime to sign Khartoum peace agreement. NIF's regime also where deceived that they may use  the leadership of SSLM to
help them fight SPLA/M with their selfish hope to destroy SSLM after SPLA/M was defeated.

NIF would have not signed Khartoum Peace Agreement if SPLA/M was not too powerful for them to defeat. The whole thing was NIF's deception, that was why Khartoum Peace Agreement was immediately dishonered by NIF and decided to use JUNUBIN to kill JUNUBIN and keep JUNBIN quarreling and fighting themselves. Now with SPLA/M in
GONU, they may still feel they could use people like Prof. de Chan, and exploit NUER'S ambition to rule the south through people like Prof. de Chan and groups.

The best Prof. de Chan should do now is to come to Sudan and organize his political party, and try to sell his ideas to JUNUBIN like what SPLA/M is currently doing peacefully and democratically. He should not feel jealous about SPLA/M's successes and power. He should instead come and compete democratically.

Using NUER tribe to back him up will not be democratic or successful,because JUNUBIN have by pass tribalism and are now working hard to liberate others like African tribes in the west and east Sudan and ourselves from all those things including tribalism which prevented JUNUB, the people of Darfur and the East Sudan from making progress since the creation of the mother planet earth. As a Prof., instead, de Chan should now become more involved in the work of education and development seminars to make JUNUBIN more aware of the importance of freedom,and justice in our lives as JUNUBIN and help our NUER communities , so that JUNUB is liberated from the oppressive hands of demons, bribery by Arab Islamic Revolutionaries and fear of the minority Arabs domination of the majority African tribes in Sudan.

As a prof. de Chan should nowbe involved in the work of liberating JUNUBIN from poverty and misery. He could help liberating JUNUBIN through education, instead of encouraging tribalism and tribal wars. The people of Greater Upper Nile need education. Prof. de Chan could help to liberate the people through education, instead of preaching tribalism. I know as much as the Prof. de Chan knows that we need now to help liberate our people from disease, sickness and pain in the Greater Upper Nile. Pro. de Chan should use his good offices there abroad to help organizze medical projects like hospitals and clinics which provide curative medical sevices forthe sick people in NUER land.

As a Professor, de Chan must be conscious that the main cause of poverty in our JUNUBIN's society is tribalism which is the source of social injustice. Hence we, JUNUBIN must stressliberation should be directed to both the privilleged rich like Prof. de Chan and the poor in our community.

Therefore, Prof. de Chan as a rich NUER or JUNUBI, and many others like him need our help to liberate them from materialism and tribalims which enslaves many of our JUNUBIN who think they are Professors and is tempting them to confuse and oppress the poor and the under privileged NUER.

The NUER tribe needs the help of Greater Equatoria, and Bahr El Ghazal. We need to help the NUER people, and liberate them from being mislead, misused, and misery.

SPLA/M must remember that while wo work for liberation, we must be aware that the motive for our action as liberators of Africa is love. We must not hate any african tribe, create tribal conflict war fare. SPLA/M and as JUNUBIN it is not sufficient to love "CPA", we are expected to make peace and promote it between our African tribes. There cannot be peace without promoting justice. In order for the southern Sudan to be peaceful and progress we have to make
people like Prof. de Chan and groups more conscious of the importance of tribal harmony and justice. One of the ways of doing this is by encouraging our educated professors, like de Chan to organize seminars and courses on justice awareness in Greater Upper Nile, Bahr el Ghazal and Equatoria. People like Prof. de Chan has an important role to play in cultiavating tribal love and harmony, instead of encouraging tribal wars.

We JUNUBIN and SPLA/M, should now look upon United States of America,Great Britain and UN, etc., not to give us food aid, but for support in our struggle to remove all forms of injustices and oppression in our, African society.

SPLA/M also must now put its vision into actions, and talk less. They should not sit idle in their camps, but participate with the community and cultivate the soil, work to provide enough food crops for themselves and encourage the rest to join in the scratching of the soil in order to control our own food security.

Our brother, Prof. de Chan also should be told by his immediate colleagues that his dreams are impossible dreams but would make him appear a blind professor dreaming faulty dreams. 

Instead, let us unite to build "love and harmony" between our African tribes in Sudan.

Thank you

God bless, JUNUBIN. Amen


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