Incident at Atlanta Airport Leaves Two Injured, Including Police Officer

ATLANTA – A chaotic scene unfolded at the south terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday afternoon, as a woman armed with a knife stabbed two individuals, including a police officer. The incident occurred at approximately 4:45 pm outside the security checkpoint near the west crossover.

The assailant, who authorities later revealed to be a homeless woman known to frequent the airport, initially targeted a man in the vicinity of the west crossover before making her way into the south terminal. Atlanta Police officers arrived at the scene and initiated a dialogue with the woman, attempting to persuade her to drop the knife.

However, their efforts were met with aggression as the woman launched a series of attacks, violently stabbing another woman and an APD lieutenant. The victims, including the officer who suffered an arterial injury, were treated by medical professionals at the scene before being transported to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Thankfully, another officer was able to subdue the attacker and take her into custody without any further harm. Preliminary investigations suggest there is no apparent connection between the assailant and her victims, but authorities are diligently working to uncover any possible motives.

Despite the unsettling incident, the security checkpoint remained open, with minimal disruption to airport operations. The FAA reported no significant delays due to the incident, although individual flights may have been impacted. Witnesses described scenes of tension and fear, with passengers being instructed to kneel while awaiting clearance at the security gate.

This is a developing story, and additional details will be provided as they become available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happened at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport?

A woman armed with a knife stabbed two people, including a police officer, at the south terminal of the Atlanta airport.

Were there any serious injuries?

One of the victims, an APD lieutenant, suffered a stab wound to the thigh that struck an artery.

Was the assailant apprehended?

Yes, another officer was able to tackle the assailant and arrest her without further harm.

Did the incident cause any major disruption at the airport?

The security checkpoint remained open, and the FAA reported no overall delays. However, individual flights may have been affected.

What is the motive behind the attack?

Authorities are investigating the incident to determine the motive of the assailant.