New Article: Addressing the Alarming Surge in Carjackings: Provincial Task Force Formed

Durham Region has been plagued by a recent string of violent carjackings, leading to heightened concerns for public safety. Authorities are taking action to address this alarming surge, with the formation of a provincial task force composed of various Greater Toronto Area (GTA) police forces, including the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP).

The first incident occurred on September 29 in the Ajax area, where two suspects approached a vehicle on Audley Road and Rossland Road East. After forcefully removing the occupants, the victims were subjected to assaults before the suspects fled in the stolen car. Later that day, in Pickering’s Oklahoma Drive and Whites Road South area, a food delivery driver was targeted and assaulted. The three suspects then escaped in the victim’s grey Toyota Rav-4.

With coordination between GTA police forces, a takedown operation was executed on October 1, resulting in the recovery of the stolen Toyota Rav-4. While three suspects managed to flee on foot, and another was apprehended in the front passenger seat, a fourth suspect remains at large. Although their description has not been released by the authorities, efforts to locate and arrest them are ongoing.

Identified as the culprits in the carjackings, 18-year-old Carl Pitt from Toronto and two male youths aged 17 and 15 from Markham face charges related to robbery with violence and disguise with intent. However, due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), the identities of the young offenders cannot be disclosed.

The formation of a provincial task force, comprising the collaborative efforts of multiple GTA police forces, including the OPP, demonstrates the seriousness with which authorities are addressing the alarming rise in carjackings. This task force aims to implement stringent strategies to combat this pervasive criminal activity.


Q: What is a carjacking?
A: Carjacking is a criminal act where individuals forcibly steal a vehicle from its occupants, often involving violence or threats.

Q: What is the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)?
A: The Youth Criminal Justice Act is a Canadian law that governs the legal process and penalties for young offenders (individuals under the age of 18) involved in criminal activities.

Q: How many carjackings have occurred in the GTA this year?
A: According to the police forces, there have been over 300 reported carjackings in the GTA this year, with Toronto accounting for more than 200 of those incidents.