Tragic Incident Leads to Review of Safety Measures at Storm Ponds

A tragic incident in the Kings Heights neighborhood of Airdrie has sparked a review of safety measures at storm ponds. Earlier this month, a four-year-old child was retrieved from a storm pond and transported to the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. Unfortunately, the child succumbed to their injuries on October 15th.

Emergency crews responded to the pond after receiving a report of a missing child. Shortly after, a second call came in indicating that the child had been found in the water and was in medical distress. This heartbreaking event has raised concerns about the safety of storm ponds and the need for additional measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

The City of Airdrie’s director of community infrastructure has expressed a willingness to review the setup of storm ponds and consider the possibility of installing perimeter fences. This review aims to ensure the safety of residents, especially young children, who may be attracted to these bodies of water.

While storm ponds play a crucial role in managing excess water during heavy rainfall, they also pose potential risks. It is essential for municipalities to continuously assess and update safety protocols to prevent accidents like this from happening.


Q: What is a storm pond?
A: A storm pond is a man-made or natural body of water designed to collect and store excess water during heavy rainfall, reducing the risk of flooding.

Q: Why is it important to review safety measures at storm ponds?
A: Reviewing safety measures at storm ponds is crucial to prevent accidents and protect the well-being of residents, particularly young children who may be curious or attracted to these bodies of water.

Q: What safety measures can be considered?
A: Safety measures that can be considered include installing perimeter fences, implementing warning signs, and educating the community about the risks associated with storm ponds.