New Travel Warnings Issued Amid Ongoing Israel-Hamas Conflict

A total of five Canadians have tragically lost their lives during the Israel-Hamas war, according to the Canadian government. Additionally, there are three missing Canadians, and efforts are underway to locate and ensure their safety. The death toll has increased from four, as confirmed by officials.

In response to the crisis, Canadians in Lebanon are now being advised to consider leaving the area due to the escalating tensions. Global Affairs Canada has issued a warning, urging Canadian citizens and permanent residents to avoid all travel along the Israel border and to anticipate increasing instability in Lebanon. Those who do not have a crucial reason to stay are strongly encouraged to depart while commercial means of transportation are still available.

The government is actively preparing for various scenarios and implementing a whole-of-government approach to address the ongoing conflict. As part of these efforts, Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joly has engaged in discussions with officials from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Qatar, and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency during her visit to the region.

The situation on the ground remains fluid and insecure, making communication with those affected challenging due to power outages and disrupted telecom services. Global Affairs Canada has received over 800 inquiries in the past 24 hours and approximately 4,200 inquiries since the beginning of the crisis.

As tensions continue to rise, Canadians in Jordan are also being cautioned about potential large-scale protests in the area. It is advised to avoid demonstrations and gatherings for personal safety.

While the Canadian government continues its efforts to facilitate the departure of approximately 300 Canadians and their families from Gaza, plans to exit through Egypt have encountered obstacles, emphasizing the need for a safe window of opportunity.

The ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict and its repercussions highlight the volatile nature of the situation. Canadians are urged to stay informed about the latest developments and exercise caution when traveling to affected regions.