New Section 114 Notices Issued Against Birmingham City Council, Sparking Outrage and Calls for Leadership Change

Conservative councillors in Birmingham City have strongly criticized the Labour leadership of the council, calling it “a disgrace” and accusing them of being “dangerously negligent” for stalling on resolving equal pay issues. The criticism comes as the council issued a second emergency Section 114 Notice within a month, further exacerbating concerns about the administration’s handling of financial matters.

The Leader of the opposition and Birmingham Local Conservatives, Cllr Robert Alden, voiced his frustration with the situation, stating that the new notices highlight “the failure of this Labour administration.” He argued that the delay in addressing equal pay liabilities, with a potential monthly cost of up to £14 million, is not only neglectful but will ultimately burden the residents. Cllr Alden called for the resignation of the Labour cabinet, led by Cllr John Cotton, stating that they should “go and go now.”

The issuing of the Section 114 Notice and the Section 5 Notice underlines the concerns expressed by the council’s finance officer Fiona Greenway and monitoring officer Janie Berry. These two officers have taken the step of issuing the notices due to their worries about the delay in implementing a new job evaluation scheme to resolve equal pay claims. This is a serious step since they are legally obligated to highlight any actions that could jeopardize the council’s financial position or contravene strict rules.

The trigger for the new notices occurred when Cllr Cotton postponed a critical meeting addressing the equal pay issue. Although he explained the delay as an opportunity for the government-appointed commissioners to be part of the decision-making process, it has since become evident that the commissioners will not be in place for several weeks. This has further fueled the frustration expressed by Cllr Alden, who emphasized that the Labour administration has failed to act and protect the council and its residents.

The Conservative party’s criticism centers around concerns that the Labour leadership is hesitant to adopt a job evaluation scheme due to potential backlash from council unions such as Unite, Unison, and GMB. Cllr Alden argued that the Labour Cabinet should prioritize the well-being of Birmingham over protecting the Labour brand.

The issuance of these Section 114 Notices and the ongoing delay in resolving equal pay issues have reignited calls for a change in leadership within Birmingham City Council. Conservative councillors believe that the current administration is paralyzed by internal disagreements within the Labour group and the wider trade union movement, ultimately causing harm to the city and its residents.


Q: What is a Section 114 Notice?
A: A Section 114 Notice is issued by a local government when it is facing a severe financial crisis and needs to take immediate action to prevent bankruptcy.

Q: What are equal pay issues?
A: Equal pay issues refer to disparities in wages between employees of different genders performing similar job roles.

Q: Why are Conservative councillors criticizing the Labour leadership?
A: Conservative councillors believe that the Labour leadership is failing to address equal pay issues promptly, which could potentially cost the council millions of pounds and negatively impact residents.

Q: What is the role of the finance officer and the monitoring officer?
A: The finance officer is responsible for managing the council’s financial affairs, while the monitoring officer ensures compliance with legal requirements and regulations.

Q: Why are councillors calling for a change in leadership?
A: Councillors are calling for a change in leadership due to their perception that the current administration is unable or unwilling to make decisive decisions to protect the council and its residents.