American Family Witnesses F-35 Jet Flying Inverted Before Crashing

In a surprising turn of events, a family in South Carolina claims to have witnessed the missing F-35 jet flying inverted just moments before it crashed. The Truluck family was celebrating their son’s seventh birthday in Williamsburg County when they saw the aircraft and heard a loud “boom.” The father, Stephen Truluck, described the aircraft as being almost three quarters upside down, with the canopy clearly visible. The mother, Adrian Truluck, estimated that the jet was flying at an altitude of approximately 100 feet above the treetops.

Initially, the family assumed that the low-flying aircraft was simply part of regular training exercises conducted by F-16s in the area. However, when news broke that an F-35 had gone missing during a training mishap, they realized the plane they had witnessed earlier was likely the same one. The pilot had successfully ejected from the aircraft, suggesting that it had been flying on autopilot.

Debris from the jet was discovered about 80 miles away from where the pilot had exited. The Marine Corps is currently investigating the incident.

This eyewitness account has sparked significant interest and concern, especially given the advanced capabilities of the F-35 jet. Questions are being raised about how a cutting-edge aircraft like the F-35 could go missing and crash. Investigators will undoubtedly be looking into the possible causes, including any technical malfunctions or human errors that may have led to the incident.

As the investigation unfolds, the incident serves as a reminder of the inherent risks faced by military personnel during training exercises. Despite the advanced technology and extensive safety measures in place, accidents can still occur. The Marine Corps and other branches of the military will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the safety of their pilots and the success of their missions.


1. What is the F-35 jet?

The F-35 jet, also known as the Lightning II, is a fifth-generation multirole fighter aircraft used by the United States Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps. It is known for its advanced stealth capabilities and high level of technological sophistication.

2. Where did the F-35 crash?

The F-35 jet crashed in South Carolina, specifically in Williamsburg County. Debris from the aircraft was found approximately 80 miles away from the location where the pilot ejected.

3. What is the Marine Corps’ role in the investigation?

The Marine Corps is responsible for investigating the incident and determining the cause of the crash. They will be looking into various factors, including potential technical malfunctions or human errors that may have contributed to the accident.