Ottawa Explosion Suspect Pleads Guilty to Charges

Kody Troy Crosby, the man responsible for the explosion that caused significant damage to multiple homes in Ottawa’s Orléans area earlier this year, pleaded guilty on Thursday. The explosion occurred on February 13, shocking residents in the east end of Ottawa. The blast resulted in six people being hospitalized and the destruction of four homes under construction in the newly developed Avalon Vista community, with many others sustaining damage.

Crosby pleaded guilty to two charges: breaking and entering a dwelling under construction and intentionally causing damage by explosion. According to the police, he broke into two houses on Blossom Pass Terrace the night before the explosion with the intention of stealing appliances. He removed two water heaters from the homes, leaving the natural gas line open. When construction workers arrived the following morning, natural gas continued to flow into the homes, increasing the risk of an explosion.

The explosion caused significant financial loss, with the total cost estimated to be $5.3 million for Minto, the developer of the destroyed homes. Victim impact statements were presented in court, with homeowners describing their traumatic experiences and the lasting effects on their lives. One homeowner, Ian Carlson, expressed his concern for his child’s safety during the explosion, stating that the trauma still haunts him.

Crosby’s lawyer, Natasha Calvinho, stated that a sentencing hearing will take place at a later date. Crosby’s guilty plea has saved the court from a lengthy trial. He has also expressed remorse for his actions. Crosby faced multiple charges, including breaking and entering, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, and arson-related charges. Victim impact statements from Minto and other affected homeowners are expected to be read out in court.

The incident was captured on security camera footage, which was shared on social media. The footage depicted the explosion and firefighters searching through the wreckage in the aftermath.